Farewell to Kangaroo Island and South Australia

October 3, 2009 Blog no comments

On our last day on Kangaroo Island, we made a trip to the Island Pure Sheep Dairy located at Gum Creek Road which is off Cygnet River. It was one of the farms which we haven’t explored yet during our three days visit and we thought it would be good to see how a sheep farm compares to a goat farm (which we often visited in Singapore). We also spent some time in the Northcote area having our lunch and strolling around, before departing from the island later on and from Adelaide the day after.

From a distance, the sheep farm and diary looked a little blurry. Was it the whole dreamlike quality of the vacation or a special setting on my camera? Unfortunately no. What happened was that I accidentally put too much water into the camera lens while trying to clean it!

Things became much clearer when I switched to the other camera, and here’s a bit tank like structure which I believe held sheep milk.

“Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb…”

The lamb was so cute and bleating so plaintively that Ethan had to reach out to touch the little fella.

We viewed the process of milking the ewes of their valuable milk in this little window here. The process was highly mechanised and automated with suction tubes, pumps and tanks galore.

After the entire tour was over, we had a chance to sample the various cheesy products on offer. Some were quite nice and savoury while others had too much of a muttony aroma to them.

Here’s Ethan and Tina enjoying some of the flavoured yogurt made from sheep’s milk.

After the visit, we drove to the nearby Northcote “town” area, which was the most “urbanised” neighbourhood in the rustic island.

Over there, we had a simple but satisying lunch of salad and sandwich, watched over by an “owl”.

As we drove along the long and serene roads of Kangaroo Island, Ethan brought along a packet of chocolate milk to sustain him for the ferry ride back, gazing melancholically outside the car window.

On the ferry back to the Cape Jervis area of South Australia, we had a glass of rose wine each. Not Ethan of course, who had his chocolate milk as the beverage of choice.

Dinner that night was at the Chinatown area (Moonta Street) of Adelaide City, in a nice Korean restaurant. I didn’t take many photographs there as we were all feeling sad about the impending departure. You can see it in Ethan’s face in this photograph.

The next morning, we decided to go for a short stroll along the Glenelg Beach close to the Adelaide City airport.

Over there, we took a photograph like this, which is usually more popular among youngsters that are half our age (not that we were that old).

Both Tina and Ethan also picked up some sea shells as souvenirs of this wonderful vacation of ours.

Finally, we made our way to the Adelaide International Airport and bade each other farewell on 19 April (Sunday) 2009. Fortunately, I could meet my family again in end June when I made a trip to Singapore. But that’s another story altogether.

Thank you for joining us for this trip!

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