Whisked Away to Wilsons Prom – Part 1

October 6, 2009 Blog no comments

On our last week of the mid-semester break, a couple of my friends from Graduate House and I decided to go for a short break to Wilsons Promontory located at the southern most tip of the Australian continent. Famed for its luscious combination of awe-inspiring mountains, luxuriant forests and breathtaking beaches, Wilsons Prom is located in the Gippsland region of Victoria, about 157 km Southeast of Melbourne city. Populated by indigenous wildlife like kangaroos, wallabies, emus, echidnas, wombats, numerous birds as well as venomous snakes, the park is a peaceful sanctuary for all manners of beasts – including the two-legged variety.

My telling of this tale will be spread over a few posts, beginning with our preparations here in Melbourne City.

This is the faithful Hyundai car which took us across hundreds of kilometres. It actually drives better than it looks.
Groceries like fruits, meats for barbecuing, drinks, bread, and other essentials to fuel us for the journey ahead.

On our way there, we stopped at Koo Wee Rup for lunch. After scouting around, Nay and Tung had Charcoal chicken, while Chong Ming had a delectable organic meal at 100 Monkeys here.

Renshao, Vicky and I settled on a pie and pastry combination each. The food certainly tasted both fresh and delicious.

After another hour’s drive or so, we reached our temporary home sweet home at Bass View Cottages.

The inside was nicely furnished and cosy enough to accommodate the six of us. Here’s Tung giving a thumbs up to the place.

The beds were fairly comfortable and most of us slept well over the two nights that we were here.

Even the bathrooms came supplied with a fully automatic washing machine and a heater which kept us warm during those balmy nights.

A view of the verandah overlooking an idyllic pastoral paradise.

Wonder what the purpose of this little hut is for? Well…

It is where the gas powered barbecue pit is located. Here’s chef Chong Meng donning his dentist/miner light grilling some burgers and sausages.

These chicken wings went through two phases of cooking. First at the barbecue pit (which was too slow), followed by the oven later.

After much effort by our great chefs, our dinner was ready. Bon appetit…

On the last morning, we spotted these bovine buddies peacefully grazing and lazing on the field outside our “home”.

Here’s another view of our verdant surroundings.

While walking towards the lake area, which is an inlet from the sea, I spotted these lovely pink daisies.

The mud/sand flat linked to the inlet was still and serene, reflecting the rays of the morning sun.

The water looked very clean and inviting, and both Nay and Tung couldn’t resist dipping their feet in there.

Hmmm…. what are they looking at? Is it a fish? Is it a snake?

Well, its actually a tiny crab (magnified many times for clear visibility) which was camouflaged against the sandy shore.

Coming up next… Tidal River and Norman Bay of Wilsons Prom…

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