From the Sandy Sunsets to Snowy Mountains

October 11, 2009 no comments

On the morning of our third day at Wilsons Prom, we checked out of our comfortable cabin and drove to the Taralgon area (in the La Trobe valley) enroute to the alpine regions. The idea behind this was to see if we can experience the different environments of the lovely Gippsland area of Victoria – from the pristine forests and sandy beaches of Wilsons Prom, rolling hills of pastures and farmlands, to the snow-capped summits of Mount Baw Baw and the alpine regions. With a height of 1,567 metres, Mount Baw Baw is just 120 km east of Melbourne, making it the nearest skiing region to the capital city of Victoria.

Our first stop at Taralgon, where we got down for some rest, food and even retail therapy!

At the tourist visitor centre, we spotted this 3D model of the mountainous areas and the driving route there.

As we drove up the mountain road, we saw snow lining both sides of the tarmac.

As we parked our cars, we saw more snow on the grassy areas beside the road, melting away in the spring sun.

And the first thing you do when you have snow is to start a snowball fight!

A short walk away from the carpark is the resort area for Mount Baw Baw.

We had our lunch in this cabin which had a lounge and a little cafe cum restaurant.

A view from the top of Mount Baw Baw. Well, not quite a winter wonderland, but at least we had some snow in Spring.

This skiing shed must have seen brisk business during snowy wintry days.

I saw a rabbit hop through the snowy bushes here. It is probably foraging for food as the snow starts to thaw.

This little snowman looked kind of creepy don’t you think?

Just as we were leaving the resort, Nay, Chong Meng and Tung had more snow fighting fun.

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