Whisked Away to Wilsons Prom – Part 4

October 10, 2009 Blog 1 comment

After a monumental hike across the width of Wilsons Prom spanning almost 20 km and 6 hours of hard walking, we decided to up the ante – literally and figuratively – by climbing up the 558 metre tall Mount Oberon to catch the sunset. Fortunately, the trek up and down the mountain (or hill?) is broad and well-paved as it caters to vehicular traffic. As we were keen to catch the sunset that day, we wasted almost no time in tackling the relatively shorter 3.4 km route after a short rest at the Oberon Car Park.

Our vertical ascend began at the foot of Mount Oberon, with a sign showing the only path up and down.

Obviously, being “creative” and straying “off the beaten path” isn’t advisable here.

As we walked along the gravelly path, the bushes and trees framed our views of the distant mountains and hills in the Prom.

Altogether now: “Left, left, left, right, left!” Notice how broad the path is.

The view started to improve as we climbed higher and higher up the mountain, and you can see the distant ocean from here.

Of course, some of us were faster than the others, and went ahead to “recce” the path for the rest. “She’ll be coming round the mountain when she comes…”

Finally, after about an hour or so of walking, we came across the rocky summit of the hill, complete with radio transmitter stations.

These steps and handrail proved useful in helping us to scale the final few metres. Once we clambered over…

…we were rewarded with this magnificent view of the ocean and the fast setting sun.

While on the cold and windy peak, the group of intrepid hikers wasted no time in taking photographs.

During this time, I took the opportunity to snap some surrounding photographs, while trying to prevent myself being blown off the summit.

While some of us struck poses in the relative safety of back of the peak.

Others, like Nay here, chose to be more “garang”. Doesn’t he look like a National Geographic photographer in this pose?

Not to be outdone, Renshao scaled the summit and did his own photo/video thing.

I couldn’t resist getting a photo taken myself, making haste while the sun shines.

A final shot of the setting sun as she coyly hides behind some clouds. This must surely be a fitting finale and time for us to descend the mountain. Besides, our fingers and ears were fast becoming icicles…

With the final rays of sun light, I took this silhouette of the peak and its radio antennae.

Before we descended into the relative inky darkness of the evening and walked back to our car, illuminated by the moonlight and the warmed by an immense feeling of satisfaction.

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