A Sparkling New Jewel in the Night Sky

July 24, 2010 Blog 4 comments

Last night, my family and I decided to venture on the new and improved Jewel Cable Car ride from Mount Faber to Sentosa. Living just a stone’s throw away from the Jewel Box (with the view of Mount Faber from our window), we were really looking forward to going on our latest aerial adventures, suspended on a cable.

Mount Faber's New Cable Car Ride

Revamped at a cost of some $36 million, the new cable car rides boasted of 67 sparkling new cabins done in a modern metallic black and chrone design which boasted of large panoramic view windows. The flip-up seats were more comfortable, and the internal ambient lighting helped to make it less pitch black at night. Having experienced the old cable cars before, I must say that this recent upgrade is a major improvement to the overall experience.
Mount Faber's New Cable Car Ride
Hopping onboard the spanking new cabins

With a new mono-cable system, I found the ride faster and smoother (13 minutes each way), with the “intersection points” at the world trade centre and Sentosa less rocky than before. The midpoint is also higher at 120 m above sea level – 30m higher than before – enhancing the vantage point offered to passengers. At night, the aerial adventure offered wonderful views of Keppel Road, VivoCity, Harbourfront centre, Keppel Port, the Sentosa causeway bridge, and of course Resorts World at Sentosa.

Mount Faber's New Cable Car Ride
Resorts World Sentosa

Mount Faber's New Cable Car Ride
Keppel Road at Night

Apparently, there is also a World’s First 7 Star VIP Jewelled Cabin which boasts of Swarovski crystals in both its interior and exterior, leather upholstery chairs and a Swarovski glass panel illuminated roof! Talk about luxury! Be prepared to pay more though (both the standard and VIP rides). Ticket prices are now about $26 (round-trip) for adults compared to $18,90 in the past.

Source: Seven Crystal

Other than the new cabins, Jewel Box itself at Mount Faber undertook a transformation. Its overall design and decor is now dripping with decadence, with elements like chandeliers, crystals, silver-coloured furniture, and dark walls to evoke a sense of luxuriant and opulent indulgence.

Mount Faber's New Cable Car Ride
Life doesn’t get better than this!

The F&B outlets – named Black Opal and Sapphire no less – were given a new touch of class, offering splendid and unobstructed views. Even the tacky old souvenir shop was gone, replaced by a carefully themed one with specially “curated” merchandise.

Mount Faber's New Cable Car Ride

Here are all the photos of our experience for your viewing pleasure. If you haven’t already gone on the Jewel Cable Car ride, do check it out soon!

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  1. u r so quick! the new cable car looks so different now. I thought it must be a really short ride yet it take 13mins each way, so that’s good for some sightseeing.

    hmm.. the ticket is quite ex. The cable car I took recently(similar capacity) to Lantau island (25mins scenic view) costs less than this.

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