7 ways to do lead generation for your business

November 14, 2016 Content Marketing 1 comment


Have you felt that your pipeline of leads are drying up? Wonder how you can bring in more clients for your business?

Well, help is here!

Thanks to this guest article by Amber Creative, you’ll learn 7 ways you can generate leads to your business.

So what are they?

1. Ebook

Offering an ebook as a free gift is a great way to do lead generation. For one, it shows yourself as an authority and a thought leader in the domain knowledge. For another, it helps build interest and trust in your prospect. Your prospect will feel that they are getting something useful and of value from you, even though they are not paying for it yet.

So in the event that they are paying for your service…would the deal and value not be greater?

2. Webinar

A webinar on a particular topic that is of interest to your prospects will help your prospects feel close to you.

Also, since the webinar can be held in real time, your prospects can ask you questions on the spot and get any doubts clarified. This is much more efficient time wise for you and other prospects as well, since the prospects can learn a lot time-wise.

3. Word-of-mouth referral

The word-of-mouth referral is powerful because the prospect already trusts the friend or an influencer who has presumably used your service or products before.

So the act of converting the prospect to a paying customer is presumably easier or less time consuming.

To ensure an effective word-of-mouth referral, concentrate on servicing your existing customers well!

4. Social Media Marketing

A big way to create massive lead generation is to rely on social media marketing, which is where people are spending most of their time on.

Facebook is the top platform as it reaches just about any demographic and you can use Pages for your business as well as Groups to build community around your brand.  LinkedIn is a great platform if you want to build domain authority especially in the B2B area.

To maximise your effort, read our 7 Effective Ways to Get Leads From Facebook Marketing.

5. Promotion at a PR event

Don’t underestimate the power of showing up. Whenever you do a promotional event in public, or a publicity stunt, you hit the masses. For every 100 people you reach, at least 5% will be attracted to your products or services. It’s simply the law of numbers!

So don’t fear publicity, even if you feel that you are not perfect or good enough.

6. Cross-promotion and collaboration

Is there a company that is in the same industry as you, with different offerings? Is there a company that is of a different industry as you, but complementary offerings?

Do consider cross-promotion and collaboration! It’s usually fun and effortless, and it is the combination of two or more companies that add exponential value to curious prospects.

7. Live chat on website

See our live chat function on this website? Well, including this function is usually good for lead generation, because it gives almost instant gratification and promotes personalised services. You can clear your concerns on the live chat function at a distance, without the sales people being too intimidating and pushy.

We hope you have enjoyed today’s post on lead generation for your business. Have fun building and converting your leads! ?

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