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Top LinkedIn Writing Strategies to Boost Your Profile

October 6, 2020 Content Marketing no comments

LinkedIn is among the top social media platforms today that gathers professionals from all over the globe. Your LinkedIn network is a valuable asset in helping you to pave your way through the business world and to climb that business and corporate ladder.

This is why you must expand, nurture, and strengthen your LinkedIn network constantly. But how do you promote yourself without being seen to be overly aggressive?

The Best Content Marketing Strategy? They Ask, You Answer

May 12, 2020 Content Marketing 1 comment

They Ask You Answer

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This is probably the best content marketing strategy I’ve ever come across.

And I certainly do know truckloads of them. After all, I’ve spent over 15 years blogging about business, run a content and social media marketing agency, and trained over 3,000 students in 160 workshops and classes in digital and non digital marketing.

How AI is Changing Content Writing

April 6, 2020 Content Marketing 1 comment

The incredible leaps that we have been experiencing in various applications of machine learning and AI over the last couple of years have also started to seep in content writing.

This is not surprising considering that natural language processing has been one of the main focuses of contemporary AI research (the other being image recognition).

Digital Marketing Copywriting—Best Practices in Singapore

October 20, 2019 Content Marketing no comments

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Frustrated with your efforts in writing copy for your digital marketing campaigns? Confused by what digital marketing agencies in Singapore are telling you about copywriting?

In this article, I will share what I know about digital copywriting, and provide some best practices in copywriting which you can use. I will also offer some tips on how you can hire the right agency to help you with online copywriting.