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The Five Levels of Customer Engagement

October 27, 2013 Business and Management 2 comments

Group of Business People Holding Placards Forming Customer

Courtesy of DC Marketing Pro

Customers. Love them or hate them, they’re the only reason for our existence.

In the past, our customer relationships were pretty non-existent. A customer walks into a store, browses around, picks up a can of soda, pays, and leaves.

Perhaps a lady could be having her hair done at a salon, and the stylist would banter with her while trimming her tresses. After her hair is styled and cut, she departs happily to her next appointment.

The Rise of Social Businesses

August 29, 2012 Content Marketing, Social Influence no comments

Courtesy of the Big Trend Hunt

Social media marketing is no longer the preserve of the elite few. More and more companies invest in creating their own Facebook fan pages, blogs, forums, Youtube channels and Twitter accounts in a bid to reach out to their customers. The game is no longer about reach and eyeballs alone, but fans, followers and “Likes”.

Increasingly, forward-thinking businesses begin to realise that the principles of social engagement shouldn’t just apply to their marketing and PR departments. With almost everybody having an online presence – from the CEO to the office boy – companies can ill afford to ignore the need for the rest of the company (HR, Finance, Procurement, Manufacturing, Logistics etc) to “go social”.

What Do Sherlock Holmes and Consumers Have in Common?

February 16, 2012 Content Marketing 2 comments

Teaser Marketing - Sherlock Holmes
We all love a good mystery! (courtesy of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows)

Answer? They love to be teased and challenged. Preferably every step of the way until the bounty is unearthed.

Sadly, however, most marketing efforts today hasn’t matched the rise in consumer sophistication and expectation. Our aggregated abilities to captivate and charm a potential customer hasn’t caught up with the explosive growth in always-on social tools and communication networks.

Engaging Customers with Game Mechanics

December 25, 2010 Social Influence 1 comment

Everybody loves gaming!

The latest buzzword in marketing – especially in online circles – is gaming (or more accurately game mechanics). To some, it has become the new viral, overtaking viral videos as the holy grail of consumer engagement and interaction.

Almost everybody online these days are raving about how game mechanics can change the future of company-customer interactions.