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The Four Rs of Winning Businesses

December 25th, 2009   •   no comments   

Competing in a crowded marketplace requires the 4 Rs (Shinjuku courtesy of William Bullimore)

What are the most important ingredients in any successful business?

Is it the ability to stimulate Recognition deep, far and wide, penetrating into every household (or organisation) in the land?

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Indulging Your Customers

October 18th, 2009   •   no comments   

Courtesy of Garron Nicholls

What is indulgence?

It is the ability to act according to one’s whim and fancy, whenever and wherever one feels like it. It is the availability of multiple choices which offer varied sensorial experiences, steeped in delicious decadence. It is about being able to savour the moment, untouched by the ravages of life.
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Getting (and Teaching) Your Customers to DIY

May 15th, 2009   •   no comments   

Its the journey and not the destination (courtesy of dadadreams)

What is the best way to capture your customer’s hearts and minds? How do you make them feel a sense of ownership for your brands, products and services?

The secret lies in getting them involved as much as possible.
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Making Visitors Feel Truly Welcomed

February 18th, 2009   •   1 comment   

During my walks around the city of Melbourne today – in between running a couple of errands here and there – I chanced upon the Melbourne Visitor Centre located at Federation Square along Flinders Street. The building itself was pretty nondescript as it was literally a glass box with a contemporary minimalist touch as you can see below.


However, what I experienced when I stepped inside totally blew me away! These guys have thought of possibly anything and everything needed to make a tourist feel welcomed, and they have gone to great lengths there.

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Why Globetrotters is Great for Families

September 4th, 2008   •   5 comments   

We recently celebrated my nephew Isaac’s 6th birthday at Globetrotters Restaurant, a well-known joint which specialises in catering to families with young kids. It was our first time there even though we heard so much about it. Having experienced it myself, I can only say that this is one F&B outlet which pulls out all the stops in endearing itself to its target audience!

Specialising in global cuisines, Globetrotters is located at United Square shopping centre – a family friendly hangout in itself.

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My Family’s Car Accident – A Tale of Service Excellence

October 7th, 2007   •   32 comments   

Yesterday afternoon, my wife together with my son and maid got into an accident along CTE (I was attending a work lunch then). What happened was a tale of God’s divine providence mixed with extraordinary service excellence.

My wife was driving towards the city and encountered the usual Saturday afternoon jam. Traffic was extremely heavy and crawling at a snail’s pace. Unfortunately, a slick black BMW driven by a young 19 year old guy crashed into the rear of our car. He must either be driving his dad’s car or distracted by his girlfriend.

The shock was so hard that the beamer’s airbag popped up. Fortunately, my family didn’t suffer major injuries although my maid had a swelling on her head (currently under observation) while my wife’s back hurt. Both cars stopped and my wife took down the driver’s full particulars (NRIC, license plate, hand phone photos of damage, insurance company, car model).
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Thematic Toilets

July 3rd, 2007   •   10 comments   

Anybody who has visited Great World City at Kim Seng Road in Singapore would have noticed its toilets. Painted in resplendent colours and themed to various countries around the world, they provide a nice respite (in more ways than one) to the otherwise drab and uninspiring experience of easing oneself. Its bathrooms are decked in designs and patterns hailing from Japan, Holland, Africa, Thailand and other regions.

The exterior of this Spanish themed gentlemen’s room looked fairly nondescript save for the painted bulls by the side.

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