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Marketing (& Celebrating) Singapore’s 46th Birthday

August 8th, 2011   •   1 comment   

Courtesy of NDPeeps

As our nation celebrate the Lion City’s 46th National Day on 9th August, I thought it’d be interesting to review some of the ways in which this festive occasion is “marketed”.

Like celebrations in previous years, there are lots of flags and banners being flown throughout the island – in public housing estates, private homes, and basketball courts.

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Fantastic Fireworks

August 17th, 2007   •   20 comments   


Brought my family to catch the Fireworks Festival, a must go for anybody with a 3.75 year old. Part of the National Day celebration, this year’s event was unique as you could buy tickets to sit comfortably on the floating platform at Marina Bay. At $8 apiece, it wasn’t too expensive. Besides, it gives you a breathtaking view of the action.

Here are some pics and videos for memories. My son Ethan certainly enjoyed it and I am sure he will have sweet dreams tonight.
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Loving My Country

August 8th, 2007   •   14 comments   

Today is Singapore’s 42nd birthday. This year, the national day celebrations will be at the floating platform of the Marina Bay area – a first in Singapore. Culture lovers can pop by any of the NHB museums as they will be open to the public for free. There will also be lots of other celebrations and parties going on in the many households here I am sure.

What does National Day mean to you? Is it just another public holiday or does it stir something deep within you?

For me, I find that national day is a good time to quieten one’s heart a little and celebrate the things which makes life worth living here in Singapore. We have fabulous food, an efficient public transport system, relatively clean streets, high levels of security, and a soaring employment rate. If you think you have it bad, just look at the environmental disasters, acts of terrorism, abject poverty, stark hunger, political turmoil and rampant inflation happening around us.

Of course, our country isn’t perfect. There are still lots that we can do to make it better. However, maybe just for this one day in the year, let us look at the positives rather than the negatives shall we?