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America’s #1 Retailer in Customer Service

June 1st, 2009   •   1 comment   

America’s #1 Retailer in Customer Service

Courtesy of Fortune

A Nordstrom housekeeping staff at Connecticut found a customer bag together with her receipt and flight itinerary in the parking lot.

As the customer probably left the store directly to catch her flight at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, he looked up her phone number in the company’s system… 
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What the Fish!!

May 1st, 2008   •   1 comment   

On my way to lunch today at the Jalan Besar area, I spotted this eye-catching sign which loudly declared that no aquatic and finned organism being served smelled fishy. Or that you wont’ find them deplorable anyway.


Upon closer inspection, I realised that the shop actually serves Nasi Lemak. This put to rest my initial thoughts that an ultra-enthusiastic and confident fish monger has set up shop at Jalan Besar.


Well, I didn’t quite feel like Nasi Lemak that day but if I do, I will certainly share with you if their claims to fame are as “fresh” and robust as what they make it out to be. Anybody with a positive piscean experience to share?