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My dreams and wishes for Singapore’s 50th birthday

August 8, 2015 Blog 1 comment

Singapore National Day Parade 2015

Courtesy of NDP2015

This long weekend, Singaporeans and residents will celebrate our country’s 50th birthday in grand fashion. Decked in our finest red and white splendour, many of us will literally and metaphorically paint the town red – and white.

The National Day Parade to be held at the Padang tomorrow evening will boast a glorious display of our military and civilian might, with breathtaking fireworks that are unprecedented. Multitudes of Singaporeans, residents and tourists alike will join in the spectacular celebration around the Marina Bay area.

Numerous parties, community events, and other #SG50 extravaganzas will also be held around the island. They will be graced by politicians, personalities and celebrities, and attended by people from all walks of life.

Celebrating Singapore’s Birthday @ Melbourne

August 9, 2009 Blog 2 comments

Thanks to the efforts of the Singapore Students Society at the University of Melbourne, together with counterparts at RMIT, University of Monash (Caulfield & Clayton), more than 500 Singaporeans and friends of Singapore had the chance to celebrate our country’s 44th birthday tonight. Held at the Sidney Myer Asia Centre at the University of Melbourne (along Swanston Street), the party was a great way to rekindle passions and emotions in one’s homeland.

While I haven’t been away from Singapore that long (my last trip back was in mid July 2009), I still feel the pains of homesickness occasionally creeping up on me (especially since my family is there). Which was why I think that its a great idea to have celebrations of Singapore’s birthday in cities with significant numbers of Singaporeans. Special thanks must go to Wan Hua who helped made this gathering possible.

No prizes for guessing what this ticket to the event resembles! I thought it was a great stroke of creativity.

Loving My Country

August 8, 2007 Blog 14 comments

Today is Singapore’s 42nd birthday. This year, the national day celebrations will be at the floating platform of the Marina Bay area – a first in Singapore. Culture lovers can pop by any of the NHB museums as they will be open to the public for free. There will also be lots of other celebrations and parties going on in the many households here I am sure.

What does National Day mean to you? Is it just another public holiday or does it stir something deep within you?

For me, I find that national day is a good time to quieten one’s heart a little and celebrate the things which makes life worth living here in Singapore. We have fabulous food, an efficient public transport system, relatively clean streets, high levels of security, and a soaring employment rate. If you think you have it bad, just look at the environmental disasters, acts of terrorism, abject poverty, stark hunger, political turmoil and rampant inflation happening around us.

Of course, our country isn’t perfect. There are still lots that we can do to make it better. However, maybe just for this one day in the year, let us look at the positives rather than the negatives shall we?