World’s Biggest Rocking Horse and More

July 19, 2009 Blog no comments

Have you ever wondered how the Greeks defeated the Trojans in Homer’s epic tale? Or marvelled about the excesses of childhood fantasies?

Well, we had a chance to find out the answers to these questions recently when we visited the Biggest Rocking Horse in the World. Located close to the fertile wine producing Barossa Valleys of South Australia just north of Adelaide City, the wooden (or was it concrete and steel?) wonder was billed as one of the must-sees in the festival state. While the object in mind was certainly mind-blowingly colossal, the record according to the Guinness Book of Records belonged to a much smaller albeit truly rocking variety from Japan. I suppose if one takes out the need for motion, South Australia’s colossal artificial equine would win hands-down.

Here’s a photo journal of our journey in the South. Enjoy!

The humungous horse came with its own specs sheet, right down to the length, breadth and weight.

This interesting sign points the way to different leading cities around the world and the approximate distances. Now all you have to do is walk in a straight line…

The monumental mare (or stupendous stallion) awaiting our exploration. We decided to split up, with me taking the photos while Tina and Ethan venture into the Homer-inspired contraption.

First stage of ascending the gigantic rocking horse…

…getting higher while standing on its broad back…

…and finally up on top. Wait a minute, is that a junior rocking horse standing beside it? Also, where is Tina and Ethan (not Wally)? Let’s get closer…

There they are, on the head of the horsey!

After that climb, I decided to blow up the kid and the wife. Attack of the 50-foot woman anyone?

This little wooden playhouse provided lots of fun for the kids at the Toy Factory.

The attached retail shop was full of wooden treasures, with toys that come in all shapes and sizes.

I don’t think these trucks can transform into alien metal robots, but they look sturdy and safe for tough toddlers.

After horsing around at the toy shop, we took a drive to explore Barossa Valley’s verdant vineyards.

This was followed by imbibing some fine wines along the way.

Our next stop was a charming steakhouse and cafe which offered afternoon tea.

Over there, we had delicious scones with fresh cream and jam, washed down with cafe lattes and capuccinos.

As the Southern Sun started to set, time was of the essence.

We quickly scrambled to take some photographs at some of the vineyards along the way, like this one here.

Striking a pose with rows of palm trees and grape vines as backdrop.

A smiling face painted on a huge barrel of wine. I bet I would be smiling like this too after drinking that much!

A shot outside the legendary Penfolds vineyard, one of our favourite brands of wine. Unfortunately, its office was already closed and we couldn’t sample any. Sniff…

Finally, a long drive in the twillight back to Adelaide City, in preparation for our next trip to Kangaroo Island.

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