11 Things We Love About Canada

June 12th, 2011   •   6 comments   •   Author: Walter Lim   

11 Things About Canada
Moose Lake in Mount Robson Park

After a 16 day trip to Canada’s West Coast, principally Vancouver, Kelowna, Banff, Jasper, Kamloops, and the Whistler Mountain, we’ve been touched in so many fabulous ways. There are many wonderful things about this sprawling – its the second largest nation after Russia in terms of area – and northerly country (average annual temperature is 1.5 deg Celcius across the country) but I’d simply focus on 11. Note that I’m speaking as a traveller of course, so my views could be skewed towards the tourist’s gaze. Let’s hope that things will continue to stay this way for Canada, a land of extraordinary experiences.

Fantastic Mountains>

Blessed with the world’s largest stretch of World Heritage along the Icefields Parkway, the Canadian Rockies has spectacularly craggy and snow-capped peaks everywhere you turn. From the Sulphur Mountain, the Sundance Ranges, to Mount Robson, there are towering mountains everywhere you turn. Naturally, these are adorned in gorgeous shades of grey, brown, white and green.

11 Things About Canada
Mount Robson is one of the highest peaks in North America.

11 Things About Canada
Mount Rundle along the Hoodoos trail of Banff makes a perfect backdrop for bonding.

Ice Ice Baby

With about eight months of snow a year, spring and summer kind of coalesces in the sub-alpine latitude (50 deg N) of the Canadian Rockies. Those who hate the cold and icy climates better stay away as there are lots of snow everywhere you go. While this means that you should pack on layers of warm clothing, it also means that kids can have a lovely time sliding on and throwing that white stuff.

Walking on snow is fun, fun, fun en route to the Bow Summit overlooking Peyto Lake.

11 Things About Canada
1,000 feet of packed snow and ice are below us on the Columbia Icefields.

11 Things About Canada
Of course, the best thing about snow are snowball fights (here on Blackcombe Mountains).

Fast Flowing Rivers and Majestic Waterfalls

From tiny gurgling brooks to huge glacier-fed rivers, fresh water takes on a different meaning here with gorgeous rivers everywhere you turn. The more adventurous would dash the rapids in a whitewater raft, while the more serene would simply soak in their life and peace giving properties.

With big rivers cutting through mountains and valleys, one is bound to encounter the thunderous applause of cascading waterfalls in the Rockies. Here, tonnes of crystal clear water crashing down upon the rocks of time takes one’s breath away while adding to more perfect Kodak moments.

11 Things About Canada
The Tanglewood creek presented a lovely facade to weary drivers.

11 Things About Canada
Johnston’s Canyon rewarded trackers with a lovely fall surrounded by melting ice.

Athabasca Falls
Here, you can see the thunderous might of the Athabasca Falls along the Icefields Parkway.

11 Things About Canada
Loved this rainbow at the Sunwapta Falls (along Icefields Parkway too).

Post Card Perfect Lakes

Who want a postcard from LA when there are lots of lovely lakes in Canada, the land with the most bodies of freshwater anywhere in the world! Almost every serene, still, and picturesque lake here makes one “ooh” and “aah”, wishing and dreaming of having a log cabin home beside their awesome views.

11 Things About Canada
This famous shot was the reason why Spirit Island was called that way on Lake Maligne (Jasper).  Apparently, it captures the spirit of the Canadian Rockies.

11 Things About Canada
The world-famous Lake Louise makes for a beautiful picture.

11 Things About Canada
The cold winds and near zero temperatures were worth it on Bow Summit overlooking Lake Peyto.

11 Things About Canada
Mirror image on Patricia Lake at the Jasper region.

Scenic and Breathtaking Drives

While its no joke covering thousands of kilometres by road over two weeks, I love the driving experience here. Beautiful and gorgeous vistas greet one almost everywhere I turn. What’s especially memorable was the Sea to Sky highway (Highway 99 and 1) which transformed the landscape magically before one’s eyes from pristine oceans, serene farms, to towering mountains and canyons.

11 Things About Canada
The craggy and humungous peaks, tall coniferous trees and snow makes a perfect drive en route to Moraine Lake.

Icefields Parkway
You do get lots of excuses to stop your car for a while on the Icefields Parkway.

11 Things About Canada
Occasionally, friendly horses join you for a picture or two along the highways!

Walking with Wildlife

Blessed with teeming – and highly protected – wildlife (most of the time anyway), lovers of furry, feathered or fuzzy beasts would have a feast here. From grizzlies to black bears, mountain goats, big horn sheeps, towering mooses, van-sized bisons, elks, and deers, to squirrels and marmots, there are lots of creature comforts here. Of course, those who are lucky may get to spot a coyote or two, like we did.

11 Things About Canada
The three little black bears, with a mother and two cubs.  One of our most memorable moments at Whistler.

11 Things About Canada
This flock of six bighorn sheep sauntered casually along the road at Lake Minnewanka.

11 Things About Canada
This coyote sure ain’t ugly, but it was rather fast and fleeting along with its companion. 

Vibrant, Beautiful and Quaint Cities and Towns

Some of the world’s leading cities in terms of quality of life like Toronto and Vancouver are in Canada. While I’m not quite hot about the traffic situation in Vancouver during peak periods, it appears that everybody is either a) cycling, b) jogging, c) blading, d) skiing, or e) all of the above at its lovely green oases like Stanley Park. Interestingly the average life expectancy of Canadians at 81.4 years is almost the same as that of Singapore’s 81.3 years. Naturally, the more tourist oriented towns like Banff and Whistler were wonderful too.

11 Things About Canada
Picturesque Granville market and island in Vancouver makes for a perfect day out with its harbour teeming with private yachts.

11 Things About Canada
Queen Elizabeth Park, one of many lovely gardens and parks in Vancouver city.

11 Things About Canada
The little town of Banff looks like it came straight out from a fairytale book.

11 Things About Canada
Jasper was more laidback, albeit with its own unique and rustic charm.

Food, Glorious (and Multi-Ethnic) Food!

One of the things which impressed us the most about Canada is its ability to offer a wide range of cuisines. With its diverse population, one can find lots of options – Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, American, Greek – to suit one’s taste buds. While prices are certainly steeper than Singapore, you do get good value for the price you pay.

11 Things About Canada
Farm-fresh ingredients make Canadian food special.

11 Things About Canada
Wild Flour Cafe offered vegan and vegetarian options, a boon for those on a restricted diet like me.

11 Things About Canada
Of course, sushi and tempura still hits the spot for us (Miki Restaurant at Banff).

Cold Country with Warm People

As my friend Jennifer Connelly has said, Canada may be a cold country but its people are warm. From our interactions with strangers, innkeepers, restaurateurs, retailers and others, I can’t agree more. People are always so willing to help here and they’re generally quite polite too in their driving habits – except perhaps during peak hours.

11 Things About Canada
Chatty fellow residents at the Macqueen’s Manor, hosted by the warm and hospital Pat and Sam MacQueen.

11 Things About Canada
This friendly elderly couple were on a long driving holiday from Alaska, and their two dogs were just as friendly.

Hours of Fun (without the Heat)

For those who love the great outdoors like my family and I, the Canadian ranges and lakes offer lots of places to play. Activities that we’ve tried include lots of hiking, cycling, crossing of suspension bridges, riding on mountain-high gondolas and more. With a 7 year old kid in tow, feeding and visiting animals at the zoos and farms also comes in.

11 Things About Canada
Trekking was the main activity for us, here on our way to the summit of Tunnel Mountain (Banff).

11 Things About Canada
Ethan trying to scale up a wall in a park near Lynn Creek in Vancouver.

11 Things About Canada
These fun loving seals were just as mischevous as my boy, following his paper baton around.

11 Things About Canada
One of the best ways to see Whistler Village is to cycle around it.

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  1. Tim Richards
    posted on Jun 13, 2011 at 4:41 AM

    Some nice pics there, looks like you had a great time and had some decent weather for it. There’s a certain amount of crossover with my Canada blog posts from last year – take a look at http://aerohaveno.blogspot.com/2010/09/canadian-1-vancouver-to-jasper.html

  2. posted on Jun 13, 2011 at 7:24 AM

    OMG! It’s sooo beautiful!! Reminds me of Switzerland. And u really saw bears! Woowooow it must be a very memorable trip of a lifetime! I must go Canada.

  3. Wan
    posted on Jun 15, 2011 at 2:15 PM

    Beautiful account ~ it took my breath away~

  4. posted on Jun 15, 2011 at 5:00 PM

    Amazing post & photos – we have to agree with you, all 11 things are fantastic. Sounds like you had a great time road tripping through Western Canada.

  5. jeter lole
    posted on Jun 16, 2011 at 6:20 PM

    I love your post. Canada is a beautiful city I can see through your pictures.

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