2 Happy Ways to Recycle and Reduce

March 23, 2012 Blog 3 comments

Courtesy of Coca-Cola Singapore

With Earth Hour around the corner, it is timely for both individuals and companies to consider how they can reduce their environmental impact on our beautiful planet.

Coca-Cola Singapore is certainly taking a proactive role in this area. As part of their effort to instil the habit of recycling in Singapore, they are launching the Recycle Happiness Machine (yes that’s its actual name!) which will be popping up at five different locations around the Orchard Road/Dhoby Ghaut area. The machine provides a fun way for members of the public to deposit their used plastic beverage bottles in exchange for a little gift.

Courtesy of Coca-Cola Singapore

Depending on your luck, you may be pleasantly surprised by fresh flowers, 1.5 L bottles of Coca-Cola or even Coca-Cola collectibles like T-shirts, bags and caps made out of recycled plastic bottles!

The locations of the roving Recycling Happiness Machine can be found on their Facebook page, Twitter account as well as website. Do look out for them this weekend!

Supported by the Singapore Environment Council, the recycling initiative by Coca-Cola Singapore is part of their Live Positively movement. Under this banner, the company is committed to make sustainability a part of everything it does and to be a good steward of water – a precious ingredient for life.

Beyond the Recycle Happiness Machine, Coca-Cola is also launching the Live Positively Water Badge together with the PUB and Singapore Scout Association for the 3rd year running. It teaches scouts (like my boy) water conservation methods, how to reach their water meter and water bill, and challenges them to reduce their household’s water consumption.

Courtesy of Coca-Cola Singapore

The programme has helped over 400 households save a total of 488,870 litres of water since its launch in 2010, equivalent to 1.5 million cans of Coke. That’s a lot of water saved!

For schools interested in the Live Positively Water Programme, email Coca-Cola Singapore here.

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  1. I love the idea that you’re rewarded for recycling!

    I agree with the comment above that it’s amazing what can be recycled, for example Eurocell building plastics are now largely made up of recycled PVC-U. Hopefully in the near future, we’ll have very little waste.


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