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July 22, 2012 Blog 3 comments

Singapore Blog Awards 2012
Winners of the Singapore Blog Awards posing with GOH Minister Heng Swee Keat and VIPs from SPH

Donning “superhero” outfits and “larger than life” persona, bloggers of all stripes, shapes and styles congregated at the Singapore Flyer’s Food Trail yesterday afternoon for some hot, sweaty fun at the 5th Singapore Blog Awards. Organised every year by the tireless team from, the ceremony has grown from year to year, attracting social media mavens and sponsors across an ever growing list of categories.

Like in previous years, I was privileged to be a judge helping to seive out the best from amongst the good. It ain’t easy, I assure you! Competition is stiff and I am very heartened by the sheer effort and energy put in by the various contesting bloggers. In any case, congrats to all participants of the awards – you guys are all winners in your own ways!

As a blogger myself, I totally understand the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into the craft. Hours and hours of toil goes behind the shiny facade of blog awards, flashy photographs and creative videos.

Nobody is “just a blogger”. We juggle multiple responsibilities – work, studies, family, friends, social activities, sleep, household chores. Often, there is a time and energy cost involved in each blog post published, video posted, or photograph uploaded.

But you know what, we bloggers love it. There is a certain adrenaline rush in publishing and printing stuff online. Perhaps that’s why the “Superheroes” theme selected by this year is especially apt.

Anyway, enough of my self-absorbed rambling. Let’s check out some highlights this year.

Singapore Blog Awards 2012
“Mister, can you bring me home tonight….” (eerie voice)

Singapore Blog Awards 2012
Strike a pose and pretend to be a comic book hero!

Singapore Blog Awards 2012
Our programme booklet for the afternoon, starring both DC and Marvel superheroes. Would fanboys may flip over this “travesty”? 🙂

Singapore Blog Awards 2012
Our energetic emcees for the afternoon. The lady in pink has a super “machine gun” mouth, announcing the long list of accolades in double quick fashion.

Winners of the Super Blogger awards – the shining beacons of bloggers in Singapore. Flanked by Chim Kang,’s head honcho, they are (left to right): Eunice Khong, Catherine Ling, Peter Breitkreutz, Yong Wei, and Christine Ng.

Singapore Blog Awards 2012
Minister Heng Swee Keat delivered a rousing speech to warm the hearts of the many bloggers and gave away the prizes to the award winners.

Singapore Blog Awards 2012
Kevin Soh, winner of the GMarket Best Online Shopping Blog award. If you need help to “monetise” your blog, Kevin would be the da man to approach.

Singapore Blog Awards 2012
Unfortunately, Panasonic Most Popular Local Celebrity Blog award winner Jeanette Aw couldn’t be with us. Nonetheless, her moving image raised lots of cheer from fans.

Singapore Blog Awards 2012
Yi Wei, winner of the Domino’s Best Food blog, shows that foodies can still cut a svelte figure.

Singapore Blog Awards 2012
Talking about food, we ravished attendees tucked into local hawker fare like hokkien mee, carrot cake, mee siam, satay and bak kut teh.

As I was busy stuffing my face, they announced the winner of the Best Family Blog, Leonny of Our Everyday Things. It must be difficult to maintain a blog with 3 active kids like her! (image courtesy of

The crowd favourite and most talked about winners must be Dr Jiajia and Big Bro. If you haven’t checked out their singlish-accented-super-funny Youtube channel (with a staggering 4.15 million video views), you ought to do so. What’s especially heartwarming is the fact that 7 year old Jin Sen is dyslexic. (image courtesy of

Singapore Blog Awards 2012
Finally, some shots of “real” superheroes. Unfortunately, I’m unable to identify the girl in green. Can anybody help me?

Congratulations once again to all winners and a special thanks to the hardworking team from for making this a possibility.

By Walter
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  1. Hello Walter! Haha, thanks for the picture taken! Didn’t manage to catch up with you yesterday, but we will definitely see each other in future blogging events!

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