Samsung Launches 1st Pop-Up Shop in Asia

January 21, 2013 Blog 1 comment

K-pop group SKarf – celebrity ambassadors for Samsung (courtesy of Samsung)

Riding on growing consumer interest to experience their mobile devices first hand, Asia’s number one brand Samsung has opened its first Samsung Mobile PIN in Singapore. A premium consumer experience space, the sprawling pop-up store will be at Ngee Ann Civic Plaza for a two-month period till 12 March 2013.

Samsung Mobile PIN Launch>

First launched at the London Olympics last year, the Samsung Mobile PIN rides on the growing global trend of immersive pop-up stores serving as temporary showcases of brands. In case you’re wondering, the world PIN signifies the pins on a map, ie this should be the experience centre that you should ‘pin’ down. 🙂

Samsung Mobile PIN Launch

Designed to the theme of “Your World Without Walls”, the glass enclosed centres allows you to interact and dabble with fully functioning devices complete with features, services and apps. These include the wildly popular GALAXY SIII LTE, GALAXY Note II LTE, GALAXY Note 10.1 LTE, and the mobile-enabled GALAXY camera.

Samsung Mobile PIN Launch

Visitors to the Samsung Mobile PIN will be assisted by Samsung brand ambassadors. These smartly groomed young men and women are on hand to provide help, advise, and product walk throughs. Customers can also earn coupons, PIN badges and vouchers which can be exchanged for Samsung Mobile premiums and prizes.

Samsung Mobile PIN Launch

Samsung Mobile PIN Launch
Even geeks like us need help to navigate the devices’ bewildering new features!

To up the star power of the brand, Samsung has engaged Singapore singer-songwriter Olivia Ong to be its celebrity ambassador. Her new “Wonderland” project is a “creative song writing odyssey” where she uses her GALAXY Note II LTE to sketch down inspirational moments which are woven into the composition of her songs.

Samsung Mobile PIN Launch

Samsung Mobile PIN Launch
Video clip from Olivia’s Wonderland project

K-Pop girl group SKarf has also been appointed as celebrity ambassadors to boost the brand’s popularity with youths. Comprising Singaporeans Tasha (19) and Ferlyn (20), Koreans Jenny (16) and JooA (22), and 16 year old Japanese Hana, members of the girl group has taken photos with their GALAXY cameras posted on the Samsung Mobile Singapore Facebook page.

Samsung Mobile PIN Launch
“We are SKarf!” I believe the horizontal wave is a signature move, no?

Samsung Mobile PIN Launch
Our cameras are Korean just like…err.. two of us!

In an age of ubiquitous social mobile devices, it is interesting to note how major technology brands are now building brick and mortar shops. The high price points of such feature-filled gadgets makes it imperative for consumers to be extra careful about making their purchases. While you can certainly buy them online, nothing beats playing with an electronic device first before deciding.

Samsung Mobile PIN Launch

Go check out Samsung Mobile PIN today. Let me know if it tempts you to get the latest droolworthy Samsung smartphone, tablet or camera!

All I want for Christmas is a GALAXY Camera!

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