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One of the oldest beverages known to man, teas have always held pride of place in many cultures.

All around the world, festive occasions like weddings and birthdays are marked with tea ceremonies. While the English are known to obsess over their afternoon teas, many Asian cultures too have embraced tea as the healthier drink of choice. Numerous innovations like “bubble” teas and fruit teas have made this leafy libation cherished by both young and old.

Introducing a fresh contemporary take to an age-old drink, LUPICIA is a well loved Japanese tea brand offering more than 400 original blends and flavoured teas from across the globe. Known for its fragrant and exquisite teas packaged in aesthetically attractive packages, the LUPICIA franchise boasts of more than 100 stores in Japan, the US, Taiwan and Australia. 

From classic teas like red, black, green and oolong, herbal remedies like rooibos and chamomile, to exotic blends like Champagne Rose, Momo Oolong Super Grade and Grapefruit Green, LUPICIA teas are freshly fragrant and great tasting.
Tea connoisseurs will be delighted to know that the famous Japanese brand has just opened its first Southeast Asian store in Singapore. Located at #B1-12 of Great World City (1 Kim Seng Promenade), LUPICIA is designed to “encourage personal exploration and discovery”. All flavours in the beautifully designed store are available for tasting (and whiffing).

Excited about her store’s opening, Samantha Yee, director of Sarafine Concepts Asia (LUPICIA’s franchisee in Singapore) shared that “LUPICIA is about discovering new flavours as well as new ways to prepare and enjoy tea… it’s about making tea part of the modern individual’s everyday life.”

Sourced from around the world, LUPICIA’s tea leaves are processed in Japan according to exacting manufacturing standards and craftsmanship. With ever-changing seasonal flavours, its multiple brews are great as gifts (especially in their lovely packaging) or for personal consumption.

Let me “tea-se” you now with a “scent-sational” journey through the world of LUPICIA tea.

We begin our beverage voyage with some Momo Oolong Super Grade Peach tea, cold brewed and served in a long glass. It was certainly refreshing after battling the historic haze enveloping Singapore!

Next is a picnic starring two cold-brewed green teas – Grapefruit Green and the cherry flavoured Sakurambo Vert – accompanied by yummy pastries. I love both blends, particularly the latter.

The process of cold brewing entail soaking the tea leaves in room temperature water and leaving them overnight in the fridge. Quite a novel way to make tea I must say!

Red teas accompany us in the next station, with three unique flavours – Piccolo (a non caffeinated rooibos tea), Earl Grey, and Champagne Rose.

This Earl Grey flavoured honey provides a sweet and fragrant treat addition to one’s breads. Yum!

Over to the Land of the Rising Sun next with Japanese green teas. These come complete with whisk, green lantern, and some matcha flavoured biscuits.

Our host shows us how matcha is made with a whisk and hot water.

The taste? Rather strong and perky, with a slightly bitter finish. Oishii desu ne!

We travel to India next, with Darjeeling The First Flush and Assam Silonibari. Both teas are best drunk with fresh milk.

These spices like Masala, Ginger and Cardamon help to make your Indian teas spicy and stirring.

Next, we visited the LUPICIA tea boutique at B1 of Great World City. Its located just outside Cold Storage and the Food Junction food court.

Aren’t these packages lovely? I think this is a lemon flavoured tea. You can also take a whiff of the tea leaves – guaranteed to awaken your jaded senses!

A row of colourful lidded transparent beakers used for cold teas.

The centre aisle offers a “scent”-sational experience where you can sniff before you savour. If you wish, you can also taste these blends, with more than 100 different flavours to choose from.

More beautifully packaged tea sets – perfect for gifts.

Hmmm…. which tea should I begin or end my day with?

Accessories like the matcha whisk, tea pots and cups are also available for sale.

Finally, a close up shot of a floral Elder flower and Chamomile tea. This not only looks great but smells (and probably tastes) wonderful too!

For more information, check out LUPICIA Singapore’s Facebook page.

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