The Kidz Academy – An Edutaining Extravaganza

June 8, 2014 Blog no comments

The June school holidays are here! What should frazzled fathers and manic mothers do?

Well, besides going for a holiday and taking a break after the mid-year exams (aka SA 1), we ought to also find ways to occupy our kids productively. As parents to a 10 year old boy in primary five, my wife and I are particularly concerned that our son should focus on filling in the gaps in his knowledge while still having a balanced holiday.

Enter The Kidz Academy – a 3-day educational fiesta in its 6th year running.

Thanks to an invitation from Sphere Exhibits (a subsidiary of SPH), I had the chance to visit the exhibition for the event and attended a talk cum workshop on Multiple Intelligences by Polene Lam of Gifted Academy (will share insights in a separate post).

Happening 6-8 June at Suntec City (levels 3 and 4), the 3-day event includes stage programmes, trial classes (sorry they are all fully booked!), a carnival for kids, competitions like a maths challenge, and an exhibition featuring 95 exhibitors specialising in the children enrichment and education market. They include big names like Adam Khoo, Mind Champs, Kent Ridge Tutors, Oodles Learning and more (you can see some of them here).

Join me now in checking out some of the action and indulge your “kiasu parenting” self!

The Kidz Academy took place side by side with Good Food Great Living, which attracted quite a different heart-lander crowd. I suppose they are probably catering to three-generation families – grandpa and grandma can check out the food while mum, dad and kids can immerse themselves in the world of edutainment!

Title sponsor S26 had a nice big booth extolling the virtues of enhanced milk formulas. I guess its important for children of all ages to get their regular supply of protein, calcium, brain-boosting fish oils (AHA, DHA anybody?) and vitamins.

Oodles Learning is the learning partner of the famous OnSponge learning centres which specialise in helping your kids with maths. Personally, their coaching method and specialised and targeted approach to teaching maths seems pretty effective, based on feedback from my son.

Grolier International and Scholastic, the well known publishers of educational materials, also offered a programme to get your toddler up to speed quickly on core skills like reading, speaking, creativity, mathematical skills and independence. I guess everybody is talking about all-rounded development these days.

Music has always been a key part of a child’s development, and Cristofori offers mini-sized guitars (or are they ukeleles?) for tiny tots. However, I must warn you that once you start your child on a musical track, a fair amount of commitment in terms of time, effort and money is needed. You may also need to “psycho” your child to stay on the road.

Books, toys and educational materials for sale!

More toys, these time of the LEGO-esque brick building variety.

Let’s go ride on the “choo-choo” train Daddy! Interestingly, I found that the parents were more enthusiastic about this then their little ones. Lol!

A bouncy castle in the shape of a pirate ship.

Race cars “driven” by wannabe F1 drivers. Next stop – Marina Bay Street Circuit?

No prizes for guessing what every kid (and parent) likes. Ice cream!

Hey now, who is this? I like how smart and straight this boy is, when standing in front of Olaf.

Do you wanna build a snowman? Well, these kids are learning how to – with cups and other bits.

Sorry buddy, I can’t remember your name but I think you are the reindeer riding “Frozen” guy?

Finally, nothing beats martial arts (like Tae Kwan Do) to instil discipline, physical fitness and self defence in kids.

For more information, check out The Kidz Academy website or go visit the show before it closes today!

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