Best Rank Tracking Tools to Make Your Keyword Research More Informed

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Rank Tracking Tools for SEO


by Ashley Lipman (guest author)

On average, American business owners spend around 9 percent of their annual gross revenue on marketing.

Instead of investing money in marketing methods that you aren’t sure of, you need to do your homework to ensure it is worth it.

The best way to get this information is by using one of the many rank tracking tools on the Internet.

These tools are designed to help you develop a top-notch anchor text and keyword strategy. Having both of these elements in place will help you in your pursuit of search engine dominance. The following are some of the best rank tracking tools on the market.

SERPs is an Easy to Use Rank Checking Tool

If you are looking for an easy and straightforward to check things like keyword rank and anchor text optimization, then SERPs is a great option. With this tool, you can input your domain name, target keyword and the search engine and location you want to use. Once SERPs has this information, it will go to work providing you with the top 250 results for the ranking.

If you need more information or want to optimize for local search, then the premium version of SERPs may be a good investment. As of right now, you can check a single keyword with the tool for free.

Achieve Link Building Success with the Help of Linkio

Linkio Rank Tracking

Are you looking for a way to reverse engineer popular sites and find a way to beat them? If so, then you need to consider using Linkio – SEO Software – The Best SEO Management Tool. The only way to accomplish this goal is by monitoring your backlinks.

With Linkio, you will be able to find the ideal text rations for the anchor text being used. This tool also gives you insights regarding what anchor text you need to construct for future articles or marketing campaigns.

Not only is this program flexible, but it is also automated. By syncing Linkio with your existing Ahrefs account, you can start to automate the backlink building process. This tool checks existing backlinks and then suggests how to optimize them for search engine success.

SEMrush is Extremely Popular

For years, marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners have used SEMrush for rank tracking. With SEMrush, you can track the position of any keyword. You will also be presented with information about local competitors and the keywords they are currently using.

This is a freemium tool, which means you have to pay a fee if you want to unlock all of the features SEMrush has to offer. However, the free version can be used for one keyword at a time. If you are trying to develop a backlink/anchor text strategy for multiple websites, then the Pro plan for $100 a month may be a better fit.

Moz Pro is a Great Addition to Your SEO Arsenal

Most business owners are only concerned with checking the rank of their website on popular search engines like Google. If this is your main objective, Moz Pro is a great addition to your SEO arsenal. With the help of this program, you can get ranking data from your website and then compare these numbers later on. Tracking this data over a long period of time helps you see whether your existing linking/anchor text strategy is working.

Moz Pro can be used on all of the popular search engines and helps you check both local and global keyword/anchor text rank. If you want to monitor the ranking of a competitor, you can also do this with the help of this tool.

Topvisor Provides Lots of Useful Information

When trying to track rank based on things like language, location or device, you need a program like Topvisor. Getting a snapshot of SERP results based on these criteria is crucial when trying to develop a winning backlink strategy.

You can also check rank on the App Store, Google Play and YouTube with this tool.

Getting the Right Information is Crucial to Search Engine Success

Using one of the tools mentioned in this article can help you optimize your website and content for search engine success. While finding and implementing new rank checking technology will be difficult, it is worth the effort you invest.

Ashley Lipman is a super-connector with Linkio who helps companies develop their online audience through outreach, collaborations, and networking. Ashley also blogs about the latest developments in the SaaS field and digital marketing.

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