The Necessary Role of Thoughtful Leadership in Turbulent Times

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Leaders set the tone for an entire organization. Those under management often look to them to see how they should react to difficulties.

Calm, thoughtful leadership normally goes hand-in-hand with well-planned and articulated solutions. When the world is going wild all around, excellent managers know that a measured response makes a clear difference in turning things around for the better.

If companies want to survive the unexpected and learn to be more agile, the way leaders handle turbulent situations will factor into the equation.

In this article, we explain why thoughtful leadership is critical and how you can implement it in your organisation.

1. Speed Up Decisions

Has company leadership ever been in a situation where the clock was ticking, but no one seemed to be able to agree on a solution? The faster management can choose and implement a plan, the more likely the business will overcome the turbulent times. Hesitation can make the problem worse. It’s crucial to begin working on potential solutions immediately.

Imagine the staff is in a brick-and-mortar store and hears there is a tornado on the ground four blocks over. Thoughtful leadership is going to make some fast choices to get employees and customers to safety, and worry about other things later. Leaders must also make hard choices about what is most important in the midst of a crisis.

2. Improve Communication

Grammarly worked alongside The Harris Poll to figure out how miscommunication impacts businesses. They found while the amount of communication has increased, the quality of it within companies has decreased. As a result, poor communication results in a 15% decline in productivity.

Thoughtful leaders consider how their words and decisions impact those around them. When they are excited and happy about a change, the employees are more likely to be receptive to new programs or working through turbulent times.

3. Walk in Their Shoes

Rather than just reacting and doing what one thinks is best overall, consider the impact on each department and employee. If management takes away half-day Fridays, does it impact the working parents who now rely on not needing childcare on that day?

Perhaps the turbulent times are due to economic shifts and the company must make some drastic cuts to stay afloat. Thoughtful leadership considers ways to keep the status quo and not take away employee benefits.

Consider how changes impact top workers. Maybe the new bonus structure leaves out the long-time, hardworking employees team leaders can always rely on. If leadership fails to consider how each change affects every worker, the brand risks losing experienced people.

4. Know Your Purpose

When difficult times hit, the brand may need to make tough decisions. Knowing what the company’s purpose is helps it stay the course and make changes that keep things running smoothly. Keeping an eye on the end goals ensures decisions made in the heat of the moment align with core values.

Start by thoroughly reviewing the mission statement and determining how it aligns with necessary changes. Great leaders understand how to communicate to employees about the end goal and make them feel like part of a team. If leadership isn’t accomplishing that, it may be time to take a few communications courses or revamp the message.

5. Focus on Agility

Companies that are able to pivot and adjust to challenges often rise above the competition. Agility covers everything from how management handles employees to mitigating a major failure.

Thoughtful leadership understands the way every element meshes together to create a cohesive whole. If they make one change, it may impact something else and so on. The ripples of how a business runs can move a company forward to success or hold it back.

6. Learn to Rebound

Around 84% of brands have discussed how crucial it is to rebound from economic challenges. Have a plan in place ahead of time so leadership has options at the ready. What happens next if a supplier suddenly goes belly up and the company already paid them for a shipment they’ll never receive?

Think through different scenarios and give thoughtful leadership the freedom to make tough choices. If management isn’t afraid of being fired for one wrong move, they’ll step outside the box and develop creative solutions that benefit the brand.

Why Thoughtful Leadership Wins

Although there are various ways to lead a company to success, thoughtful leadership considers how changes impact every stakeholder. A brand focused on making the best choices keeps top employees, builds brand loyalty and saves the business money.

Eleanor Hecks

Eleanor Hecks is editor-in-chief at Designerly Magazine. She was the creative director at a digital marketing agency before becoming a full-time freelance designer. Eleanor lives in Philly with her husband and pup, Bear.

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