Green Marketing: Sustainable Packaging Strategies for Eco-Friendly Branding

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Sustainability is at the forefront of everyone’s mind nowadays. Consumers look for it when they’re considering which brands to choose from. Increasingly, more customers are showing interest in brands that choose sustainable practices over boosting a bottom line.

While there are countless ways in which a business can improve its marketing to be more eco-friendly, one of the easiest and most effective is to make the switch to sustainable packaging options. Exploring innovative ways to reduce your company’s environmental impact while enhancing brand identity is a win for everyone.

With that in mind, consider how you can use your marketing expertise to incorporate eco-friendly practices in your packaging as you shift the tone of your marketing strategy.

Sustainable practices within your business will resonate with environmentally-conscious customers, but they will also improve your brand reputation and customer loyalty. Plus, making the switch is more cost-effective than you might think.

The Importance of Eco-Friendly Practices in Branding

If you haven’t yet made the shift toward eco-friendly practices in your business model, you could be missing out on a large audience specifically looking for companies that take environmental responsibility seriously. If you’re not sure how to get started, consider looking at your current standard operating procedures (SOPs) and address areas that need the most change. Some of the common issues that businesses need to look at include:

  • Areas of excessive waste production
  • Inefficient energy consumption
  • Outdated processes that could be negatively impacting the environment

Once you’ve completed an assessment of your brand, you can make positive changes through waste reduction strategies, prioritizing energy efficiency, and fostering a sustainable supply chain. It’s also essential to get both shareholders and employees on board, so your efforts become more than just a marketing ploy, but a staple of your brand values.

Why is the push toward sustainability so important for your business? From a financial standpoint, sustainable practices are likely to draw more customers. One recent survey found that 66% of U.S. consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products, even if a non-sustainable competitor has a cheaper option.

Additionally, businesses today have an innate responsibility to go green. While individuals can do their part to fight back against the effects of climate change and waste, small businesses and major corporations alike can make larger strides in protecting the planet, and can influence others to do the same for a cleaner future.

Sustainable Packaging and Brand Perception

When you sell a tangible product, you can think of your packaging as a branding opportunity. Anyone can put a product in a cardboard box, but when you’re intentional with your packaging efforts, you can create a unique and unforgettable experience that will tell consumers a lot about your brand before they even see the product.

When you emphasize eco-friendly packaging choices, you’re also setting a tone with your customers before they view your products. Not only does that communicate your brand values, but it enhances your company as one that cares about consumers and the planet.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to your packaging. When you put sustainability at the forefront of your efforts, you can have fun with everything from materials to design. The more unique and original your packaging, the more engaged your customers will be when they unbox their products.

One of the best ways to create a more personal experience with your customers when it comes to your packaging is to share your story on your packaging materials, and promote sustainability by letting consumers know what steps you’re taking to build a better future, including things like:

  • Offsetting carbon emissions
  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Allowing for more remote work opportunities
  • Reducing waste

You can also include ideas on your packaging for your customers to live more sustainably. Promote recycling or come up with fun, unique ideas for what they can do with their box once they’ve opened the product. Even if the ideas are meant to be silly, they will establish a message of reducing waste and reusing products, and set the tone for the kind of brand you want to be.

Sustainable Packaging Ideas

One of the easiest ways to make the switch to sustainable packaging is to look at the materials you currently use. Some of the most environmentally friendly packaging materials are:

  • Plant-based materials that are compostable
  • Recycled packaging
  • Corrugated packaging
  • Cellulose
  • Cornstarch
  • Kraft paper

If you’re currently using materials that can’t be recycled or aren’t considered naturally sustainable, switching to one of these options is a great first step. Not only will it improve the sustainability of your packaging, but when you share with your customers what everything is made of, you’ll encourage them to recycle, compost, and take care of the planet.

In addition to switching up your packaging materials, consider which strategies you can put in place to make the entire packaging process more eco-friendly. Things like shipping items in bulk can help to reduce carbon emissions that occur during supply chain transportation. Work with your wholesalers to reduce individual shipments and focus on sending as many things in one trip as possible.

If you can’t change the materials of your packaging, consider how you might be able to reduce the size. Doing so will help to reduce waste and could even cut back on production costs.

Finally, make a commitment to offset emissions by offering carbon-neutral shipping or giving back to the environment. Partner with an environmental nonprofit or a wildlife foundation and promote sustainable practices in every corner of your business. That could include something like planting a tree every time someone makes an order or giving a percentage of your profits back to an environmental group each year.

When consumers know your brand cares about the planet and the future, they’re more likely to look at the “human” side of your business and less likely to think you’re just trying to sell them something. It can foster healthy relationships and build loyalty very quickly.

While sustainability should become a large part of your overall marketing strategy, one of the best places to start is with packaging. Have fun with your ideas, and you can literally get your brand message into the hands of your consumers with every item sold.

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