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How Coca-Cola Markets Holistically

May 2, 2010 Content Marketing 2 comments

Coca Cola Shanghai World Expo Pavillion
Coke Pavillion at Shanghai World Expo (Courtesy of Coca-Cola China)

Have you wondered how Coca-Cola became the world’s leading brand?

Well, thanks to Coca-Cola, I’m about to find out.

I’ve been selected by Coca-Cola to be one of two bloggers (the other is Alvinology) to fly to Shanghai for the World Expo to cover the launch of its pavillion, explore its new Global Innovation and Technology Center (GITC), and attend events such as its Founder’s Day ceremony and an Expo Celebration Concert.

Online Buzz and Omnipotent Brands

March 12, 2010 Blog no comments

Disney’s one of the top dogs both online and offline – it is 10th on Interbrand’s list and 3rd online (courtesy of Jeff Bullas)

An interesting social media monitoring report by Jeff Bullas highlighted the buzz which major brands generated online relative to their overall brand equity as measured by Interbrand. What’s noteworthy is that the most prominent brands in the digital social spaces – at least as measured by Jeff over the last 12 hours – is fairly comparable to those offline. The top 10 brands on Interbrand’s list, which are assessed by a robust mix of different factors linked to market value, financial earnings, and others, are measured vis-a-vis their online might.

Other than Google which appears to be a pure internet play, the rest of the companies have very significant brick and mortar presences.

The Painful Truth About Branding

March 2, 2010 Blog 1 comment

Courtesy of America’s Story from America’s Library (CREDIT: Fleischhauer, Carl, photographer. “Branding Iron [35mm slide].” Date Recorded 79/10. Buckaroos in Paradise: Ranching Culture in Northern Nevada, 1945-1982, Library of Congress.)

It is interesting to note that even after so many decades, marketing professionals and senior executives alike still think that a brand belongs to either of the following:

A) A huge ego exercise

Anatomy of a Brand

January 14, 2010 Content Marketing 1 comment

Are these brands or logos? (Courtesy of search-this.com)

What is a brand? How does one understand the art and science of branding in the digital driven age?

First, a brand is not a logo. Certainly, logos represent one dimension in the embodiment of corporate or product brands. However, they are just a visual representation and a signpost rather than the true meaning of the brand itself.