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More Than $40,000 Worth of Prizes for Bloggers

April 10th, 2010   •   no comments   

Before I talk about the great opportunity for bloggers, I must first declare that I’ve been selected to be a judge of the 2010 Omy.sg blog awards. Spearheaded by bilingual news portal Omy.sg, the awards have always been well received by the blogosphere year after year.

It is a great honour for me to be appointed alongside other more well-known luminaries from the arts, entertainment, and digital communities like Mr Kelvin Tong, movie director, Ms Kuo Jian Hong, Co-Artistic Director of The Theatre Practice, Ms Anna Lim, Radio 100.3 deejay, Mr Josh Lim, Managing Director of Advertlets, Mr Chua U-Zyn, CEO of Ping.sg, Mr Samuel Ng, CEO of Marine Parade Family Service Centre, Ms Xiao Han, Director and Lyricist of Funkie Monkies Productions, and Mr Danny Yeo, who is a theatre practitioner.
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The Age of (Im)Morality and Immortality

March 14th, 2010   •   4 comments   

Jack Neo and his wife Irene Kng (courtesy of Syokkahwin.com)

By now, everybody would have read, listened, spoken about or viewed news about Jack Neo, his wife, and his dalliances with Wendy Chong.

The local and international media has gone wild with the latest celebrity news in every channel, and tremendous buzz has been generated in social media and mobile platforms – SMSes, MMSes, blogs, Facebook, forums, Twitter, Plurk, Youtube, blog aggregators (like Ping.sg), wikis and so on. Many have leapt into the fray with all kinds of judgements and interpretations, with some harsher than others. Jack himself has blogged about it here and apologised for his actions.
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The Crystal Ball of Technology

January 10th, 2010   •   2 comments   

Future Is

At the kind invitation of HP/Microsoft through Waggener Edstrom, I attended a panel discussion and ideation exercise titled “Future Is: The Online Community Talks About the Future of Things”. Held at the Giraffe Restaurant at the Istana Park across the road from Plaza Singapura, it was attended largely by bloggers, tech entrepreneurs, and students with a new media interest.

Featuring purveyors of tech like Daniel Tsou of Tech65, Willis Wee of Penn Olson, Nicholas Aaron Khoo of C-Net Asia’s Geekonomics, fashion blogger/editor Mina Sunico and Brian Ling of Design Sojourn, the session was a good refresher for me on what’s new and what’s hot in the world of technology.
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How to Hit ‘Em Social Media Blues

October 27th, 2009   •   1 comment   

Today’s post is rather light-hearted, and we take several digs at Digg, poke fun at poking, and titter away at Twitter.

First, a meeting of social media addicts anonymous:

Followed by a short and chirpy little love song fit for these social media enabled times.

Brand Storytelling Basics You Must Know

June 16th, 2009   •   no comments   


What was the greatest company or brand story you’ve ever heard? Why were you enchanted by it?

Since time immemorial, mankind has always relied on stories to transmit information, values and ideas from generation to generation.
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Mainstream Media Still Rules Online

May 20th, 2009   •   no comments   
Still the most influential website based on links
Just had a quick glance at the Technorati Attention Index from Technorati’s blog.  This is a list of the 50 top sites with the highest number of blogs linking to them in the past 30 days.  

Other than YouTube, which has continued to surge ahead largely due to the immense interest in its ever growing pool of user-generated videos, it is interesting to note that mainstream media related websites are still the most influential in the list.  While American websites have dominated the list, several British content providers like the Guardian, Telegraph and BBC News have received attention.  Many of the media firms are also concentrated on a few cities (or megacities) in the United States like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Washington DC, and Houston.
This shows several things about social media influence:
1) The lure of sight, sound and motion (sisomo according to Kevin Roberts) is still influential, whether online or offline.

2) Mainstream media players still wield incredible influence on social media debates and discussions.
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Social Media Intelligence Redefined

December 3rd, 2008   •   7 comments   

Brandtology – The World’s First 24×7 Managed Services Provider

As social media platforms and applications gain mainstream prominence, organisations should pay increasing attention to what people are saying about them online. We have seen in recent weeks how social media can either result in a lot of good or a lot of harm. Being oblivious to what your stakeholders think is probably the last thing to do, especially in these times when every customer relationship counts.

This is where social media monitoring, intelligence and participation comes in.
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Branding Your Blog – A Necessary Evil

November 7th, 2008   •   2 comments   

Courtesy of Be Playful

Came across this great post from Write To Done through a link from Steve Rubel about how one should brand it like Barack in order to achieve social media stardom. Or at least to create, nurture and grow your own online reputation and profile in a respectable, sustainable manner.

The long and short of it is that you can’t escape from the evils of Branding or Advertising 101. Your blog is your brand. How you treat and manage it will determine how others view you. 24 by 7.
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Obama’s Win a Victory for Social Media?

November 6th, 2008   •   10 comments   

Barack Obama 2008
Courtesy of The Duran

“Yes we can! Yes we can!” went the deafening din in Grant Park, Chicago as history was made yesterday. America and the world is now celebrating the decisive win of Democrat Barack Hussein Obama over Republican John McCain in the 2008 US elections.

Was Obama’s win a Web 2.0 Windfall? Or did he also depend on other more traditional means of getting the word out?
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Social Media Strategy in 6 Cs

October 21st, 2008   •   2 comments   

As the chief perpetuator of Yesterday.sg – Singapore’s first heritage and museum blog – I have been invited numerous times to share what we did. How do we keep going at it despite the odds? After all, history and new media isn’t exactly easy bedfellows.

Well, here are some of the lessons which we have learnt about running an interest-based blog, which you can consider when starting your own corporate blog. In the spirit of marketers worldwide, I have distilled them into 5 Cs.
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