Hoppin’ Happily to Kangaroo Island

August 2, 2009 Blog 2 comments

The greatest highlight of my family’s trip back in April to South Australia must be the one to Kangaroo Island, a sprawling sanctuary for nature and wildlife offering some of most spectacular sights I ever saw down under.

While it is seven times the size of Singapore, Australia’s third largest island (after Tasmania and Melville Island) is pretty sparsely populated with close to 4,300 residents. Almost all of its economy is agricultural, tourism (it hosts some 140,000 visitors a year) and fishing oriented. The charming farms on the island boasts of primary produce like honey, milk, wool, meat, fine wines, and eucalyptus oil.

Of course, the greatest thing about Kangaroo Island is its abundant wildlife, both freely frolicking the vast bushes or living in parks and reserves.
Our trip first took us along the winding and scenic contours of the Fleurieu Peninsula, a wine-growing region boasting breathtaking scenery and views of the ocean like this.

After a drive lasting an hour and a half, we came to the Southwestern tip of the peninsula called Cape Jervis. Here Ethan lent us a helping hand in taking this photograph of Tina and I.

Here’s a shot of the ferry terminal. Notice the sign above the words in RED which prohibited visitors from bringing certain animals or plant materials to the island. This is to prevent the spread of infectious diseases or unwanted pests.

The cars waiting neatly in allocated lots to get on board the ferry. “Ladies and gentlemen…. start your engines!”

After a few minutes wait, the Sealink ferry arrived at the harbour.

In a systematic fashion, vehicles rolled their way out of the humungous gape of the ferry.

After the vehicles have driven out, we took our turns driving in. Here’s a shot of me gleefully driving into the ferry.

Goodbye to Cape Jervis and the Fleurieu Peninsula!

On board the comfortable ferry, we settled down to make ourselves at home.

Those who wished to do so could get a bite or a drink at the amply stocked cafe and bar onboard. Prices were reasonable and did not appear inflated.

After about 35 minutes or so of travelling time, we finally saw the rustic island, dotted with holiday bungalows and chalets facing the sea.

I clambered to the front of the ferry to catch a shot of the harbour at KI (the acronym for Kangaroo Island) minutes before landing.

Thereafter, I quickly squirreled down to the car parking bay, and joined other impatient drivers who can’t wait to get out into the island.

The view was gorgeous as I drove out to the open, joined by Tina and Ethan. The Sun was shining brightly and the sky and sea were intensely blue.

Another shot of the island, with several trees lining the roads.

So what’s the first order of the afternoon at KI? Food, glorious food! We stopped at a charming little cafe and had sandwiches to fuel ourselves for the three days of fun ahead.

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  1. Kangaroo Island is beautiful.. very abundant with wildlife and the seals are cute too..

    Hope you enjoyed your trip there.. U sharing more pictures right?


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