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December 22, 2010 Blog 2 comments

Christmas Fantasy @ Takashimaya Square
Not exactly award winning logo design, but it does the trick!

I’m not a shopaholic and neither is my wife. However, come December each year, we would venture forth to Takashimaya Shopping Centre (anchor tenant of Ngee Ann City) for our annual dose of gifting goodness. There is a certain magic in the way the Japanese retailer lays out its various spaces, tantalising consumers to part with their hard-earned cash in the most delightful way.

Christmas Fantasy @ Takashimaya Square>
Parental paradise or financial nightmare?

Every year, the Basement Two concourse area of Ngee Ann City – labelled Takashimaya Square – gets transformed into a shrine for childhood (and parenthood) consumption. With the theme “Christmas Fantasy”, this mini toy/apparel/decor fair displays all the features targeted at getting your parents/grandparents to say “yes” to their most precious kids/grandchildren/princes and princesses.

Christmas Fantasy @ Takashimaya Square
Buying for “ah boy” or “ah girl” is serious business!

How does Takashimaya manage to stir the heartstrings and purses of its target audiences? Here’s a photo essay to explain the reasons.

Feature Top Billing Brands Prominently

Anybody who has a male primary school kid in Singapore would know how huge Beyblade currently is, putting a sensational spin on the cheap top, making them “battle weapons”, and pricing them “over the top”.

Christmas Fantasy @ Takashimaya Square
Learn how the Japanese charge $20 for a $2 top!

Other big names with their own “selling territories” in the fair include the eternally youthful and beautiful Barbie (51 years young)…

Christmas Fantasy @ Takashimaya Square

…the successfully reinvented Mr Men and Little Miss brands (another blast from the past)…

Christmas Fantasy @ Takashimaya Square

… the ubiquitously Wonderful World of Disney…

Christmas Fantasy @ Takashimaya Square

… plus a mix of other smaller brands like Hot Wheels and Creepy Crawlers…

Christmas Fantasy @ Takashimaya Square

Use Exhibitions and Displays to Stir Their Imaginations

To paint the possibilities of one’s toys, Takashimaya has cleverly constructed an exhibition showcase winners of a modelling competition featuring the popular Gundam robot series (hmmm… another ‘classic’ toy/anime brand). Working with huge Japanese toy brand Bandai, it managed to stir the excitement of both hardcore toy hobbyists and eager beaver boys.

Christmas Fantasy @ Takashimaya Square
First you gaze…

Christmas Fantasy @ Takashimaya Square
…then you study in awestruck adoration…

Christmas Fantasy @ Takashimaya Square
…and finally, you give in to the siren-like calls and buy your own sets!

Mix Your Merchandise

While headlining brands may hog the retail spotlight, it may be useful to offer some discounted merchandise (sitting in your storeroom) that may no longer sell as well. These cheaper items may draw the value conscious consumer while helping to add buzz to the buying process. Of course, don’t make it an everyday affair!

Christmas Fantasy @ Takashimaya Square
You can tell a priced-down item by where its placed

Give the Kids Something to Play While Their Parents/Guardians Shop

While it can be a awesome adventure romping around in a toy fair, kids may sooner or later grow restless while their adult caretakers fret and fuss over the prices. Here’s where activity corners offering games both video and physical could come in to absorb that hyperactive energy.

Christmas Fantasy @ Takashimaya Square
Video games from Japan are always a huge draw

Christmas Fantasy @ Takashimaya Square
Take your aim with Nerf Guns

Don’t Forget to Wrap It Up

While this is one of the most basic and fundamental strategy, you will be surprised to note that not many retailers remember how busy working adults can be. Offering this service is a godsend for the festive period. Of course, it isn’t exactly environmentally friendly to wrap all your gifts, but I’ll save that debate for another time…

Christmas Fantasy @ Takashimaya Square

Don’t Forget the Festive Decor!

Finally, as in any major cultural celebration, the Christmas Fantasy at Takashimaya features a trim shop offering faux Christmas trees, baubles, reindeers, Santas, and all manner of decor items for sale. While these are usually seasonal in nature, they help to add to the overall cheer.

Christmas Fantasy @ Takashimaya Square
Mini Christmas trees are a godsend for space-constrained apartment dwellers like us

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  1. Oh my. So many people, so many things to buy! We took our niece for Toy R Us shopping at SunTech the other day. And there were so many things *I* want to buy for myself. Hahaha.

    Wishing you and your family a blessed merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

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