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Don’t Lose the Plot – a Lesson from Leon Comber

May 12th, 2009   •   2 comments   

Leon Comber – polymath and overall great guy. (Courtesy of Chinatownology)

Yesterday afternoon, I had an enjoyable time meeting Dr Leon Comber, an honorary research fellow at the Monash Asia Institute of Monash University.

A charming man with a wry sense of humour and a twinkle in his eye, Leon is a polymath of diverse interests and talents.
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How We Stretched Our Dollar in these Tough Times

January 25th, 2009   •   4 comments   

Want to find out how to have fun despite the recession? Or to carry on living your daily lives despite the impending austere times ahead?

Well, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade! Or, in the words of an old Ikea ad: “You don’t have to be rich to be clever.”

Here are some tips from my family, complete with photographs.
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From Excess to Austerity – a Self Help Guide

October 1st, 2008   •   8 comments   

Courtesy of Notagainfarm

By now, almost everybody would have thought about the impact of the collapse in financial systems and how it would affect their lives. The wiping out of US$1 trillion in liquidity from American stock markets in one day – after the failure of the Bush’s Administrations proposed US$700 billion bailout package in clearing Congress – was especially sobering. Apparently, this could just be the tip of the iceberg as the financial saga sparked off by loans made in bad faith unravels itself.

What could one do in a situation like this? Does it mean that one should immediately cut all expenses and live like a Spartan?

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Rest In Peace Randy

July 28th, 2008   •   no comments   

Do you know who Randy Pausch was? Well, he did something extraordinary, and the whole world grieved recently at his passing.

Despite suffering from a terminal pancreatic cancer, he chose to leave an indelible legacy to his three young kids (and inadvertently the world) when he chose to live life to the fullest despite dying. In doing so, he inspired millions and created a revolution through a simple heartfelt message. His Last Lecture video (below) was viewed by millions, and showed the power of social media networks in spreading a message of goodwill and humanity.

A university professor at Carnegie Mellon University specialising in virtual reality and human computer interaction, Randy made history when he delivered his last lecture – both figuratively and literally – to a capacity crowd. In it, he spoke about achieving one’s childhood dreams, and the simple lessons in life that one should take whatever one’s circumstances. The presentation was especially memorable because Randy did it with a wicked sense of wit and humour, without once feeling sorry for himself despite having only months to live.

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The Parable of the Web

April 8th, 2008   •   3 comments   

Taken at Singapore Zoological Gardens

King Robert the Bruce I was born at Lochmaben Castle in 1274. He was Knight and Overlord of Annandale. In 1306 he was crowned King of Scotland and henceforth tried to free Scotland from the English enemy.

After being defeated at a battle, Bruce escaped and found a hideout in a cave. Hiding in a cave for three months, Bruce was at the lowest point of his life. He thought about leaving the country and never coming back.

While waiting, he watched a spider building a web in the cave’s entrance. The spider fell down time after time, but finally he succeeded with his web. So Bruce decided also to retry his fight and told his men:

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again”.

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