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When the Journey Matters as Much as the Destination

July 7, 2011 Blog 1 comment

Stanley Park @ Vancouver
Sightseeing tours are all about the journey

What is your idea of a job well done?  Is it that golden moment when you can proudly tick off the box on your “To Do” list? Would completion alone be equated to success?

While some may argue that one should just “do whatever it takes to get there”, I believe that the process of reaching that goal is often just as important as breasting the finish line.  The path which we take – the way in which things were done, the people whom we worked with, the relationships forged, the kicks that we get along the way – play a far stronger role in influencing its eventual outcome than we imagine.

Fortune Cookie Wisdom

July 1, 2011 Blog no comments

Dining in Canada

One of the more intriguing aspects of Canada (like in the US) was how meals at Chinese restaurants often end with a fortune cookie being served to us. These little flour, sugar and vanilla flavoured confectioneries come hidden with a prophetic message like “Eating lots of ice cream makes you fat” or something like that.

What’s unusual about fortune cookies are that…

Remembering to Recharge

May 13, 2011 Blog no comments

Sunset and Moonrise

How do you regain your balance in life?  What helps you to “top up” your inner resources after a particularly trying and hectic week?

Often, the simplest pleasures in life can bring forth the greatest sense of joy and well-being. 

5 Success Lessons from an Alien Species – The Javan Myna

November 7, 2010 Business and Management no comments

Singapore’s Most Common Bird – the Javan Mynah (photo by Ong Xin Rui from the Birds of NUS)

That bird above, the Javan Myna (Acridotheres javanicus), is the most common bird species in Singapore. You can see its black feathered wings with dashes of white fluttering everywhere around our island.

The Javan Myna has an amazingly liquid voice that allows it to imitate a range of calls into its repertoire, emanating through its characteristically yellow beak. It nests practically everywhere – on buildings, on trees, in padi fields, in drains, in roofs – and is abundantly successful in almost every habitat.

Infinitesimal Improvements

January 18, 2010 Blog 3 comments

Courtesy of “Shanty” Cheryl

As we start a fresh new week, I thought its useful to consider for a moment how we can do things differently. It doesn’t have to be a huge paradigm shifting, game changing milestone, but just a smallish innovation that defies conventional wisdom. And nope, these aren’t New Year resolutions or anything as noble as that. However, they can apply equally at work, at home, at school, at church, or anywhere else.

The idea behind this is to gradually improve in baby steps which are less daunting than taking a huge leap into the unknown. They can be as small as replacing an unhealthy breakfast item (say fried bacon) with a healthy one (say a slice of guava), or perhaps slightly larger – like reading at least 15 minutes to half an hour every day. Doing something small and easy allows one to pick the low hanging fruits, boosting one’s morale and equipping one towards larger and bolder pursuits in life.

For me, I’m going to try to blog at least once every other day, no matter how tired, busy or lazy I feel. Writing gets better the more you do it, and the only way to open that tap is to just keep turning it.

If the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, forget about moving the world. Instead, begin by moving that itsy bitsy little obstacle in your life first.