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Join Elmo in Singapore’s First Sesame Street Ride

March 3, 2013 Blog no comments

I’ve loved Sesame Street ever since I was a kid. Watching it week after week on Saturday mornings, I was transfixed by its lovable muppets, while learning a thing or two. The award winning children’s television show has since spun off numerous franchised products featuring characters like Cookie Monster, Oscar, Bert and Ernie, Big Bird, Grover and Elmo.

Thanks to a partnership between Resorts World Sentosa and Sesame Street, you can now experience these charming muppets “in the flesh” with a whimsical theme park ride. Launched by Universal Studios Singapore’s Vice President of Park Operations John Hallenbeck, Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase is the newest attraction in Universal Studios Singapore.

Explore Singapore on Two Wheels with Druthers

February 22, 2013 Blog no comments

Courtesy of Druthers Bicycle Rental

Cycling is fast becoming a popular way to tour a city.

I remembered how enjoyable it was cycling around Whistler back when my family visited Canada. There is something magical about the sensation of wind rushing through your body and blood coursing through your muscles as you soak in the sights, sounds and scents of your surroundings. Moreover, you can choose to stop anytime to take photo if you so fancy.

Eat Play Shop at Johor Bahru

February 16, 2013 Blog 2 comments

What are Johor Bahru’s (JB) malls like? Do they really offer great value for shoppers?

Recently, my wife and I decided to revisit JB’s shopping malls after hearing positive things (mainly how cheap it was to buy books from Popular) about our closest neighbouring city from friends. As we’re pretty time-starved, we chose to focus on two malls – City Square and KSL City.

How To Generate a Good Following

August 7, 2009 Blog 3 comments

Having great photographs always help (courtesy of the highly talented Nay aka tranquil niche – a friend from Graduate House)

Why do we return time after time to a favourite blog, Youtube channel, web forum, or Flickr group? What makes it seemingly easy for an individual to attract hordes of Twitter followers while you have problems breaking past the 500 barrier?

The answer lies in what I call the degree of interestingness of these user generated content creators. In other words, the quality of their writing, photography, videography, music making capabilities and how these can help to sustain an audience.

Of course, being able to build relationships are also important, but you can’t just befriend your way to blog superstardom if your blog posts, facebook updates and tweet feeds are complete bores.