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Night Festival @ University of Melbourne

April 7th, 2009   •   3 comments   

One of the things which truly impressed me about the University of Melbourne was how active its various student organisations are. I do receive daily emails and notices in my student email about various causes to support, talks to attend, concerts to participate in, and groups to join in. Some of the student ECA groups even have job descriptions inked on their websites, complete with the mandatory hours and duties that you need to fulfill.    

Whenever I walk around the campus – either en route to the library for studying or the cafeteria for lunch – I notice that there is a constant hive of activity generated by various student clubs, societies and associations. Apparently, there never is a dull moment here. Having gone out of the education system for quite a while, it was interesting to see how various causes were so actively and passionately lobbied by these idealistic youths.

Last Friday, a couple of us decided to walk to campus to check out the night market organised by various student groups. Apparently, this was an annual activity pitched at raising funds for the various societies and clubs.
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When Winter Falls, Build a Snowman!

February 4th, 2009   •   no comments   

Courtesy of Faisal.Saeed

I seldom respond to tags, being a rather idiosyncratic blogger, but I felt that this one by Vivienne merits attention. She blogged recently about how one should seize opportunities “like a hunter” during winter, as opposed to enjoying life and living off the fruits of one’s labour “like a farmer”.

First, I must confess that I love winter! The cold, the snow, the icy atmosphere and the chilling breezes somehow add an element of magic. Haven’t you noticed that many fantasy movies (like the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia series) are often set in a white wintry snowscape? There is something surreal and otherworldly about a world blanketed in soft white cover.
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Foodie Bloggers

March 15th, 2007   •   8 comments   


This post is dedicated to my friends who bake, cook, prepare cocktails and generally help to make life sweeter and more sublime for foodies and drinkers like myself.

Being a true-blue Singaporean, I love to have my carrot cake and eat it. Yes, we are a nation of foodies and many people live and swear by their hokkien mee, satays, roti pratas, and mee poks (a flat fettucine like egg noodle) here. There are also many food guides around (many with online counterparts) like the venerable Makansutra which has become a national institution for many here.
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Entrepreneurship 101

March 2nd, 2007   •   7 comments   

Singapore’s economy is doing well recently. GDP is up, tourism arrivals are up, average household incomes are rising, and the job market looks white hot. With more potential customers with higher disposable incomes, plus the recent bundle of goodies for SMEs, there is never a better time for entrepreneurs here.

Rather than wait for the perfect job to come along, why not consider starting your own business? Before you take the plunge though, do consider the following:

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