Singapore Blog Awards Rides Again!

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Congratulations to all the winners of the Singapore Blog Awards 2014!

Adopting an equine theme (2014 being the Year of the Wooden Horse), this year’s Singapore Blog Awards – the seventh in the series – crowned a total of 14 winners. Organised by the tireless team from Singapore Press Holding‘s led by Ms Lee Kuan Fung (Head, Chinese Newspapers Digital Strategy, SPH), the awards helped build the careers of numerous social media stars over the years. Many have gone on to become long-time friends and buddies.

Officiated by Ms Sim Ann, Minister of State for Communications and Information, and Education, the awards this year was held at The Ground Theatre at *SCAPE in Orchard. Other than the prize presentation itself, attendees were treated to a rousing dance performance as well as a “best dressed” competition.

Expanding beyond blogs to include other social platforms, award categories this year include familiar favourites like Best Family, Food, Fashion, Travel and Photography Blogs, as well as newer categories like Favourite Celebrity Instagram Account, Favourite Twitter Influencer, Favourite YouTube Influencer and Best Topical Blog.

(I wonder if we will have a Favourite Facebook or Pinterest Influencer in the future? May be worth considering, especially since these platforms are gaining huge traction online.)

Here are some highlights of the ceremony for those who have missed it.

MOS Sim Ann encouraged the crowd of social media influencers to adopt positive practices and help to build the blogging community in Singapore.

Names of the 10 finalists for each category were flashed on the screen like so. Here’s Yvonne and her Playground, a nominee for the Best Beauty Blog.

The top three winners of the Best Beauty Blog – Cheryl Chio, Jean Gan and Jessie Ting.

A representative from the winner of the Favourite Twitter Influencer, Spin or Bin Music, with Kuan Fung of SPH. These guys really know the music scene!

Crowd favourite Ninja Girls won the Favourite YouTube Channel. These “kawaii” ladies are always dressed to kill (and to the theme too).

More heart racing action came from these talented performers doing a rousing can-can dance to the famous tunes of Orpheus in the Underworld (Orphée aux enfers) by Jacques Offenbach.

Joining in the fun later was lifestyle blogger finalist Smith Leong horsing in his unicorn costume with the Ninja Girls. The verdict of the performance? No horse run!

Next, we have the editors’/judges’ choices. The first winner was Mama J (Mum in the Making) for the Best Family blog category.

Up next was the winner of the Best Fashion blog, Regina Chow of Shopping Queen’s Haven. Interestingly, Ms Sim Ann was her classmate in a Chinese translation course which they took together. Small world indeed!

Following thereafter is the inspirational Tony Johor Kaki of Johor Kaki Food and Travel Stories. I love how he chooses not to blog about negative food experiences, preferring instead to focus on building the community of F&B operators. A retiree, he also shows that one can be a blogging star at any age!

Next, we have 女飞侠, winner of the Best Individual blog.

This was followed by crowd favourite Smith Leong of Smith’s Blog. Magically dressed in a unicorn’s costume, Smith was also well known for having an endearing pre-wedding photo shoot with his wife in an supermarket.

Winner of the Best New blog Travelled Paths (Stories for the Adventurous Soul) came next. I admire how these guys try to trace and trek all the off-beaten paths in Singapore and beyond.

Thereafter, we have the winner of the Best Photography Blog affectionately named 龟头.

Following that, we have the winner of the Best Topical blog, the Team SM from Seriously Man. These guys have some seriously interesting blog posts, like How To Score on Whatsapp and many more.

Finally, we have the winner of the Best Travel blog, Allyoffduty.

Congratulations once again to all the winners above, as well as those from the other categories. For more information on the event, do check out’s official photos and coverage here.

See you guys once again next year!

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