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Understanding What Makes Kids Buy

July 1, 2009 Business and Management 1 comment

Toys R’Us and Power Rangers – a potent kid marketing combination!

As the father of a five-and-a-half year old boy, I naturally have a deep interest in what goes into that little cranium of his.

Why is my son attracted to certain brands and products more so than others? What made his tastes in toys so different from his cousin who is merely 5 years older than him?

From Excellence to Evidence

June 26, 2009 Blog no comments

Newspaper reports add credibility to one’s business (courtesy of Matt Callow)

With so much information easily available at the click of a mouse (or the tap of an iPhone), consumers are becoming more enlightened than ever before. As Mulder and Fox would have told you, “the truth is out there”, and it is now showing at an Internet-enabled screen near you. With so many websites, forums and blogs established to conduct independent consumer and product reviews, people will no longer take your word for it.

What can companies and businesses do to ride this trend? Is it enough to claim that you are able to make them taller, smarter, cleaner or more relaxed than the competition? No, it isn’t.

Emotional Marketing the Hallmark Way

May 23, 2009 Book Reviews 5 comments

Courtesy of AZ Quotes

“People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.” – Zig Ziglar

This quote from the legendary sales guru Zig Ziglar aptly describes the world of marketing, where it is vital to reach the heart in order to generate a buying response.

While the rational part of us would sort through the price, features, and logical needs we have for a particular product or service, it is the emotional part – the feelings, benefits, wants and beliefs – which determine the purchase decision.

Can We Truly Market the Arts?

April 23, 2009 Blog no comments

Art or sheer marketing brilliance? (Damien Hirst’s £50 million For The Love of God courtesy of Secretly Ironic)

There is an underlying tension in the field of cultural management where one has to balance between giving customers what they want and preserving artistic integrity.  This is especially prevalent in what we term as the ‘high arts’ like classical music, ballet, theatre and museums.

Against the ever growing competition from lifestyle activities coupled with the ever shrinking discretionary time of today’s consumers, it appears suicidal for art organisations to hold their ground for the sake of their art.  Considered by many to be a discretionary expense (compared to purchasing groceries, fuel and homes), cultural activities have never faced such tremendous competition as the present age.

Delectable Morsels in Marketing

April 8, 2009 Social Influence 2 comments

Extreme co-branding in action! (courtesy of Haendal Dantas)

Here are some interesting little snippets that I picked up this week.

To kick it off, Seth Godin warns us that marketing isn’t just about being better or more efficient, but rather, just being the right thing for customers, no matter how idiosyncratic those demands may be.  Its interesting to read about his new middle-aged fetish for button fly jeans though.