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To Market Or Not To Market?

March 11, 2009 Blog no comments

One of the greatest challenges facing communicators and marketers in the arts is the balance between satisfying artistic input and commercial (or public) interest. 

How does one reach out to new customers and audiences without diluting one’s craft?  Should we be setting the agenda and pushing the envelope in terms of experimenting with new art forms?  Or should we cater to the most mass of markets and stick to what everybody likes to see, hear or experience?
According to some academics, the arts should be kept pure and undiluted from the transgressions of the commercial world.  Artists, curators, musicians and dancers should exist in their own little bubble of creative experimentation, oblivious to the grind of dollars and cents while dreaming up that next original work of genius.  
The role of marketers would then be that of publicists helping to generate the greatest amount of buzz, media coverage and advertising effectiveness.  Visitors and audiences should thus be attracted towards their artistic inspirations in an organic fashion.  
This is what has been termed as being “product focused”.  Build it and they will come.  Or arts for arts sake. 

Are We Ready for Generation Y?

February 28, 2009 Blog 1 comment

Courtesy of debaird

Came across this article on the definition of Gen Y folks (also called Millenials, Digitals and Echo Boomers) by Mark Healy which stated some possible responses by marketers to this generation should be. Quoting from the article, here’s what the definition of Gen Y-ers is like:

“Born: technically, 1977-1998. I’m talking about the group born post-1990, who are 0-19 years old right now. Optimistic and confident. Believe everyone should have their own path. Communicative but not necessarily classically social. View lifestyle as a right, not a privilege. Digitally trained. Don’t so much reject rules like Gen Xers, but see rules as irrelevant. Same with some institutions.”

The Whats and Hows of Global Brands

November 18, 2008 Blog no comments

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I was invited to a sharing session yesterday afternoon by David Shaw, Director at Effective Brands and a former marketing stalwart at both Lenovo and HP. Founded by Marc De Swaan Arons, the company embarked on a worldwide global brand study seven-years ago which now includes close to 100 global brands with a database of about 40,000 marketers. In the study, the branding consultancy focused on global marketing challenges and possible solutions to overcome them.

Here are some of the key highlights which I picked up.

Regional Marketing Budgets Sliced in 2009

November 14, 2008 Business and Management no comments

Enough have been said about the impact of the global subprime crisis on the financial markets, economy, and jobs. The axing of 900 staff recently from DBS is just the tip of the iceberg.

Against such a backdrop, how will marketers in Asia fare? Are the roaring years of record marketing budgets well and truly over?

R3, a regional marketing consultancy, recently published a study on Regional Marketing Budget Allocations in 2009. The study was conducted through phone, email and face-to-face meetings with 50 senior marketers in Asia, covering 100 of Asia’s top 500 brands. They include Unilever, DHL, Samsung, VISA, Maybank, Pepsi, Tiger Beer, and Haier.

Marketing Strategies in a Downturn

October 9, 2008 Blog 5 comments


What should companies do in a recession? Should they cut back on their advertising expenses or use the opportunity to build their brands like what P&G would do?

I found out the answers to the above and more at the recent CEO Power Breakfast hosted by the Institute of Advertising Singapore and Moove Media. Held at the pristine Shangri-La Hotel, the panel discussion featured three top marketers in Singapore: Mr Terry O’Connor, CEO of Courts Singapore, Mr Quek Peck Leng, CEO of Singtel Mobile and Exec Vice President (Consumer) of Singtel, and Ms Isabelle Svartstein-Bourjade, General Manager of L’Oreal. The moderator was Ms Goh Shu Fen, Principal of R3 Asia Pacific.

The Parable of the Spider

September 21, 2008 Blog 6 comments


I spotted the above spider making his home at the lift lobby just outside my home. The little guy has been there for weeks, and interestingly, no efforts have been made to clean up his silky home. I don’t really mind though as I have a thing for spiders.

In fact, there are some lessons that you can learn from them, which relates pretty well to the world of marketing.

Here’s What You Get for $50,000…

September 10, 2008 Blog 1 comment

BrandHub founder Shauna with Adrian New

Are sport sponsorships worth their salt? What do companies like VISA, Lenovo and Standard Chartered get when they help bankroll sporting competitions?

I found out the answers to the above and more when I attended Brandhub’s exclusive BrandXchange – a quarterly exchange with senior marketers in Asia. Hosted by Brandhub’s founder Shauna Li Roolvink, the session featured Adrian New, Senior Vice President of World Sport Group (WSG) which is a specialist in sports sponsorship marketing.