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10 Steps to Building Social Businesses

January 15, 2013 Social Influence 2 comments

Social Business - Edelman
Courtesy of Edelman 

As I’ve previously blogged about, the future of business is social.

In a world where we’re permanently thumbing our smartphones, swiping a tablet or typing on a notebook, it is impossible to ignore the significance of social channels in business. While everybody in a start-up can “go social” quite easily, how should medium to large organisations craft their policies, re-route their processes, re-build their structures or re-wire their systems?

Social Media Marketing 101 for Non-Profits

October 11, 2012 Content Marketing, Social Influence 12 comments

Courtesy of Your Social Move

Plagued by the lack of funds, non-profits like associations and societies often have to employ shoe-string marketing strategies. With its relatively low cost compared to traditional advertising, social media marketing can be an attractive option. However, the devil as they say is in the details.

Speaking at the Association Management Seminar (courtesy of MCI Singapore), Martin Ross of mediamind shared that non-profits first need to understand the digital landscape and the plethora of social platforms available.

The Rise of Social Businesses

August 29, 2012 Content Marketing, Social Influence no comments

Courtesy of the Big Trend Hunt

Social media marketing is no longer the preserve of the elite few. More and more companies invest in creating their own Facebook fan pages, blogs, forums, Youtube channels and Twitter accounts in a bid to reach out to their customers. The game is no longer about reach and eyeballs alone, but fans, followers and “Likes”.

Increasingly, forward-thinking businesses begin to realise that the principles of social engagement shouldn’t just apply to their marketing and PR departments. With almost everybody having an online presence – from the CEO to the office boy – companies can ill afford to ignore the need for the rest of the company (HR, Finance, Procurement, Manufacturing, Logistics etc) to “go social”.