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I realise that procrastination is something which eats at everyone of us. Invariably, there will always be something or other which keeps us busy. One thing will lead to another, and excuses will be beefed up with further excuses, reasons and justifications. In my case, my work, cute and lovable 21 month old son, household chores (which are divided between myself and my wife), dining out and surfing of the internet are all major swallowers of my time over and on top of the usual mundane chores (sleeping, brushing teeth, bathing … get the drift?)

As a corporate communications and promotions director, I do more vetting and editing than writing. I also have to manage staff, budgets and projects, and act as a coach, mentor and facilitator. The end result is that I do less and less creating, and this makes me more rusty in the skills of the written and spoken word than I would have liked. However, I do like my job, and am not willing to give it up just yet. Hence, this blog, which allows me to practise writing about practically anything under the sun, usually insignificant and frivolous, and my thoughts on things that are happening around me. All this will (hopefully) help me to reach that eventual state of nirvana of becoming a freelance writer. Will keep my fingers crossed…..

There are a thousand and one things which can gobble up one’s time. If you do not try to control and manage them, they will end up dictating how you spend your life. You then become a pawn, a piece of driftwood, or a tumbleweed being swept away and moved by external forces. Your sphere of influence over your fate then diminishes until you wake up screaming in horror one day at your deathbed, realising that your dreams have not been realised all this while.

Today, I decided to tame the beast of procrastination and populate my blog with more concrete thoughts. I have also completed some work to help Tina’s friend in copywriting – a project which has been delayed for far too long.

I need to pull up my socks, roll up my sleeves, put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and start writing again. In the words of Daytona, “Gentlemen, start your engines….”

Singapore’s Hidden Treasures

July 25th, 2005   •   6 comments   

In any conversation about what to do in Singapore, you invariably end up with one of several scenarios. Either

  1. You get the usual litany of complaints that Singapore is so boring and that there is nothing much to do.
  2. You get a list of the usual suspects like shopping, dining, watching the movies, blading at East Coast etc…
  3. You get a straightforward, monotonal answer “No time lah..”

Well, unlike many Singaporeans, I think that there is much that you can enjoy here, if you look hard enough. There are many hidden nooks and crannies around our island which provide fodder for interesting personal expeditions. All you need to do is to go off the beaten track and uncover the cultural and natural gems of Singapore.

For example, do you know that there are more than 100 historic sites, complete with markers that tell the stories of days gone by? Or that we have one of the world’s best collection of South-east Asian artworks at the Singapore Art Museum? Also, one should try to visit the Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve, located way up north at Lim Chu Kang/ Kranji area, and catch the sunset there. And or course, the tree-top walks either at Macritchie Reservoir, or along Kent Ridge Park-Reflections at Bukit Chandu. Simply gorgeous.

While we are still a young nation which only hit 40 in recent months, we do have a rich cultural and natural heritage. By digging deeper and taking the road less travelled, you can hit the motherload. And you may be surprised at just how close to your doorstep such adventures can be.

Perth Holiday!

June 8th, 2005   •   no comments   

Yay! Took half day off from work to do the things which I enjoy doing.

Finally did a booking for Perth self-drive holiday with Misa Travel. Located above Hong Lim Hawker Centre (where I had my beloved turtle soup), Misa offered a fairly cost effective package. 6D5N at only $1078 plus Toyota Camry car. Not too bad a deal, even though one may be able to shop for cheaper online deals from the net. However, it saves me and my wife Tina the hassle and time – a very precious commodity for parents of an energetic 18 month old toddler!

Collected my brand new spectacles at the Pearls Optical Centre at People’s Park Centre too. The blue titanium frame with slightly squarish shape, coupled with transition lenses, set me back a cool $250. However, I think I look better with this latest pair, which can do the chameleon act and change from clear plastic to as dark as sunglasses.

First thoughts

May 19th, 2005   •   no comments   

Ok ok… This is my first post in this blog… Have decided to try this after being inspired and encouraged by Siva’s example at yesterday’s Museum Roundtable Meeting. What’s the main purpose of this blog? To capture the rants, raves, grunts and groans of an edgy, anxious and frazzled public servant.

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