How Retail Businesses Can Win in the Digital Age

How Retail Businesses Can Win in the Digital Age

September 1, 2022 Book Reviews, Business and Management 1 comment

How to Make Retail Remarkable

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Retail as we know it is dying. And it ain’t just Covid-19’s or e-commerce’s fault.

Just look at the number of retailers around the world (and right here in Singapore) that are rolling down the shutters.

Robinsons, Top Shop, MPH, Esprit, Toys R Us, Zara, H&M—these bellwether icons of brick-and-mortar retail are either filing for bankruptcy or closing stores by the thousands.

What Leads to Strong Web Conversions?

July 14, 2022 Content Marketing no comments

Want to get better results on your website? You need a more structured approach to optimizing conversions on your website.

When you focus your time and attention on conversion optimization, you’re more likely to see an increase in sales on your website. Sadly, many miss out on the opportunity to test this theory simply because they’re unaware of the benefits of conversion optimization.