How Companies Are Incorporating Automation Tech In Influencer Marketing

How Companies Are Incorporating Automation Tech In Influencer Marketing

April 18, 2023 Social Influence 1 comment

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Marketing, at its most fundamental level, is always about human connection. This is especially relevant in influencer marketing — in which the primary goal is to build relationships rather than promote sales.

Influencer marketing, while rooted in human nature, is not exempt from the benefits of technology. On the contrary, automation technologies can significantly contribute to the success of influencer marketing campaigns.

Why Personal Storytelling Matters — And How To Tell Yours

April 12, 2023 Book Reviews, Personal Branding 1 comment

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Do you know that personal stories can change the world? More importantly, would you like to make an impact through personal storytelling?

All of us have stories. These personal narratives include episodes of our life, our education, our work, our relationships, as well as our interactions with the world around us.

How To Implement a Social Media Campaign To Improve Your Business Reputation

March 16, 2023 Social Influence no comments

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As a business owner, you know that following through on your products is everything. Putting effort into the goods and services you produce is what makes them special and attracts your customer base.

A great product and a great experience are what ultimately keep them coming back. But is this enough to survive and thrive in the social age?